This year, experience the educational collaboration on Twitter!

Take advantage of digital technology to develop writing, creativity and collaboration in your students, what do you think? Try a project on Twitter this year!

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Take advantage of digital technology to develop writing, creativity and collaboration in your students, what do you think? Try a project on Twitter this year!

In recent years, many French-speaking classes have been making friends on Twitter by living collaborative projects together. Here are some resources to get you started too!

First, discover the international project, in which several local classes participate, that is the #Twictation. This activity gives a whole new dimension to the traditional, but no less relevant, dictation. Moreover, the instigators prepared an interactive virtual cheat sheet gathering the basics of participating in a class project on Twitter. In particular, they give advice on how to properly inform parents. By the way, how does the Twictée work? To find out, read our article on the subject!

Also, from September, you can train your class in the project #MaClasse2017 (continuation of @ MaClasse2016), which aims very simply to familiarize yourself with Twitter and to meet other “twittclasses”. To participate, we write a "tweet" (140 characters, spaces included, not forgetting to include the tag #MaClasse2017) which presents the class (quite a challenge!) And we send it from the class account . You can then (or first) consult the other publications of the #MaClasse2017 thread and go “like” the presentations of other classes, or even respond to them. We are thus starting to forge certain links.


Twitter: a "must" for teachers

There are countless teachers who cannot do without Twitter. He is recognized for exceptional virtues in terms of professional development and autonomous continuing education, among others. For example, you must participate in at least one #EduProf Chat this year, which is held Wednesdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. As described on the website, which will broadcast the program as it is developed, “the talks are intended for anyone from the education sector; whether it is elementary, secondary, college, university, educational advisers, directors, students, pupils, remedial teachers, parents, etc. Discussions are led by creative and dynamic volunteers. To participate, all you have to do is follow the exchanges by looking for the #EduProf tag and make sure to always include it in your own publications in connection with the discussion of the moment so that others can read you.

If you are interested in science, here is a new initiative to discover also this year on Twitter: #lessciencescestamusant. Proposed by teacher Kevin Pye, the tag aims to share lessons, activities, funny moments of science experienced in class, etc.


Directories of educational projects on Twitter to know

Do you want more? Discover these two directories:

  1. A detailed review on the LilyAcademix blog : there are dozens of projects gathered by area and well explained. A must for planning your year.
  2. We can also have an overview of the projects that will be lived according to the months of the year thanks to the calendar produced by the teacher Catherine Lapointe, herself initiator and animator of several of these projects. Although some of the initiatives listed refer to last year, we can bet that new ideas will abound soon!


And you, what project (s) do you plan to participate in this year with your class? Tell us, we're interested!

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