It's spring!

The spring season officially arrives, at least in the northern hemisphere, on March 20. Let's celebrate the return of the beautiful days in an artistic or poetic way!

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Spring is one of the four seasons. He inspired many artists and continues to inspire today. The softening of the weather and the return of sunny days seem to awaken nature and warm hearts!
The day's activities are all about harnessing the artistic side that spring inspires. Students will be encouraged to express their creativity in writing or through a visual art form.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Name different events related to spring;
- Express yourself on the theme of spring;
- Explain the notion of equinox;
- Use the Internet to find information or inspiration.

Suggested Activities


ACTIVITY 1: Spring

What is spring? It's a season of course, but what does his arrival mean? Ask students the question and brainstorm as an introduction. To make it easier, use the interactive whiteboard or ideation software like Inspiration.
Trails: days that get longer, temperatures that rise, animals that wake up from hibernation, snowmelt, return of certain migratory birds, animals giving birth, etc.
To make the transition to the next activities, show students pictures of spring. You can easily find it on the Internet, for example by typing "spring" on Google, in the Pictures section.

ACTIVITY 2: Write to me spring!

Invite students to celebrate spring by showing off their artistic talents. They can choose activity 2 or activity 3.
Write to me Spring could be the theme of an exhibition of literary works produced by the school's students, depending on their level.
Invite students to make a written production in a style of their choice on the theme of spring.
Possible types: literary short story, poem, journalistic article, collection of "twittextes" (snippets of 140 characters or less, like Twitter), and so on.
Each work must be accompanied by a paragraph explaining why the student has chosen this form.
The collections can be constituted by type (the poems together, for example) or by class and exhibited in a common place.

ACTIVITY 3: Show me spring!

Show me spring could be the theme of an exhibition of graphic works produced by the school's students, depending on their level.
Invite students to make a spring-themed art production in a style of their choice. Possible types: painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving, photography, computer graphics, etc.
Each work must be accompanied by a paragraph explaining why the student has chosen this form and this way of doing things.
The exhibition could be carried out in the halls of the school throughout the season.

ACTIVITY 4: The more serious part ... the equinox

What is an equinox? Is spring one of them? And what is the other?
Answer: a day when the day is as long as the night. The beginning of autumn is also an equinox. After the spring equinox, the days are longer than the nights, until the autumn equinox.
Here, the pupils will have to extend their knowledge of the spring equinox further. Using Internet research, they will be able to find answers to the following questions:

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