The Not Little Proud web campaign highlights the renewable energy professions

Academos has partnered with AQPER to launch the Pas peu Fiers web campaign which aims to promote renewable energy professions for young people in Quebec.

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On November 15, Academos launched the web campaign Not a little proud in partnership with the Quebec Association for the production of renewable energy (AQPER).

This campaign aims to promote the various trades in renewable energies and make these sectors known to young people aged 16 to 25 in Quebec. It is an invitation for young people to consider a profession in the renewable energy sector.

A little-known sector that combines passions and stimulating jobs

As mentioned in the Academos blog post, renewable energy sectors are little known to young people and are not among the first avenues they explore. And yet, renewable energy is the fastest growing sector in terms of jobs in the United States. In Canada, they could create up to 4 million jobs.

The partnership between AQPER and Academos thus aims to demonstrate to the young workers of tomorrow that renewable energies allow us to combine passions, personal values and stimulating jobs throughout Quebec. In fact, Quebec has hundreds of companies active in all renewable energy sectors (wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, biofuel, biogas) in all regions.

When we are not a little proud, it is felt and above all, it shows!

Intended for young Quebecers aged 16 to 25, the microsite Not a little proud launched today includes:

  • Three blog posts that illustrate the reasons to be proud of working in renewable energies;
  • Three videos presenting Alexandra, Sophie and Antoine who work in renewable energies. They are proud to be part of this industry and to have a positive impact for tomorrow;
  • A fun quiz that invites young people to test their knowledge about renewable energies.

The three playful videos feature workers in the renewable energy sector. By watching them, young people discover the positive consequences of working in this sector. According to Catherine Légaré, founding president of Academos, millennials and Generation Z are more attracted to jobs that reflect their values.

At the end of their experience on the microsite, the young people are invited to contact a mentor working in the renewable energy sector. Moreover, Academos calls on all professionals working in the renewable energy sector to become a mentor on the Academos platform and thus transmit their passion.


Testimonials and interviews to enrich the campaign

As part of the web campaign, it is also possible to read testimonials from Academos mentors each working in a different renewable energy sector. The latter share the reasons why they are proud to work in renewable energies.

Among these reasons is the possibility of working internationally, working in nature, improving the environment and collaborating with people who want to make a difference.

To find out all the reasons, click here.

Additionally, Academos interviewed mentor Viviane Maraghi. She explains that renewable energy is the energy of the future. For her, a career in renewable energies means being able to take concrete action on her concerns about climate change, participate in finding solutions and then making them a reality.

To read the portrait of happiness and pride, click here.

An opportunity for teachers

The web campaign and the microsite Not a little proud becomes an interesting tool for teachers who wish to discuss the subject of renewable energies with their students. It can promote discussions around employment prospects in this sector.

To conclude, here is a quote found on the Academos blog: "Being happy to go to work, carrying out concrete projects, working in a field that aligns with our values ... Frankly, it makes you want to be not little proud of his job and work in renewable energies! "

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