ASMR: The biggest Youtube trend you've never heard of.

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A guide from Annik Gilbert Tapping, whispering, somewhat strange role-playing… The ASMR videos (Automatic Response of Sensory Meridians) generate a pleasant feeling of relaxation and relaxation that can […]
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A Annik Gilbert guide

Tapping, whispering, somewhat strange role-playing… The ASMR videos (Automatic Response of Sensory Meridians) generate a pleasant feeling of rest and relaxation that can be provoked by a sensory stimulus. People who experience this phenomenon describe tingling or chills in the skull, scalp or peripheral areas of the body. TheASMR has grown so much on social networks in recent years that many youtubers now live only thanks to this new trend:

“At the start of the 2010s, ASMR slowly began to gain attention in the United States. Of YouTubers like Maria, who hosts the channel Gentle Whispering, quickly meet with growing success. If her first videos were seen "only" a few thousand times, she now has nearly 1.5 million subscribers and some of her videos peak at more than 20 million views. "

LCI, October 22, 2018

Big companies are also starting to take an interest in this fashion and it is therefore with an approach ASMR than Buffalo Grill and Ikea posted ads that literally exploded on Youtube : seven million views for steak and bed ads!

"We were shooting a TV commercial based on the back-to-school idea, and we wanted to extend it to online content. We knew ASMR videos are very popular especially with young people, university students and IKEA employees., explains to Numerama Kerri Homsher, head of external communications for IKEA in the United States. So we put these 2 things together. Our products are designed to help people in their everyday life. Our furnishing solutions help students relax in their rooms after a long day. So we thought of content that would do the same. ”

Numerama, November 20, 2017

Ikea got it right: According to Think With Google, about half of ASMR consumers are between 18 and 24 years old. In September 2016, Google named ASMR "the biggest trend Youtube you've never heard of ”. A finding based on an increase of 200 % in the search for the word ASMR sure Youtube during the year 2015, a figure which does not stop growing.

"For neurologist Pierre Lemarqui, a specialist in the effects of music on the brain, addiction to this kind of sensation is no accident. The effects described with ASMRs are somewhat the same as those of morphine. We know that the brain secretes endogenous morphine when it is happy."

LCI, October 22, 2018

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