The 00Watt educational case: enriched, modernized and… always free!



With Inspector 00Watt and his suitcase filled with surveys, digital games and scientific experiments, your students from 3e primary cycle:

  • explore the process of producing hydropower;
  • become aware of the extent of our energy consumption;
  • will discover the actions to be taken to avoid waste and thus contribute to ensuring the quality of our living environment.
Since its creation in 2007, the 00Watt suitcase has enabled nearly 150,000 students to familiarize themselves with energy saving.

A program adapted to your needs

Thanks to the valuable comments of the teaching staff, Hydro-Québec offers you an enhanced experience:

  • a five-week loan instead of four;
  • twice as many suitcases in circulation;
  • revised and enriched content;
  • new digital games compatible with the TBI;
  • assessment tools;
  • a single suitcase, lighter and more practical, and much more!
The 00Watt case is based on the scientific approach and all activities respect the progression of learning from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Satisfied teachers!

“I loved working with this material and the students were motivated throughout the course of the kit. I will use it again over the next few years. "

- A teacher from Mauricie

“Nice kit! It is realistic and concrete for young people. They liked the role plays for the context. They were proud to be able to be the “teachers” on reducing consumption at home. "

- A teacher from the Eastern Quebec region

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