Times are changing ... and IWBs are raining

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Interactive whiteboard and digital textbooks often go hand in hand. Since the announcement of the Premier of Quebec Jean Charest to equip each class with a IWB, a craze seems to gain the teachers. Do publishers see it as an opportunity to develop textbooks?

It seems so. “We did not feel it so clearly last year, but we feel a greater interest in these paintings on the part of the teachers, confirms Vivianne Chénier at ERPI. This year, they are ready to go, but they need the equipment. "

The arrival of BITs in the classroom certainly offers the opportunity for publishers to commit themselves to the digital domain. This is the case of Grand DUC which is currently concerned with properly designing the textbooks to be projected in class using these peripherals. “The demand is there and we have focused on this reality,” says Virginie Chatard. Our first steps are taken in this direction. "

However, how attractive is the simple fact of projecting a notebook page, initially designed in portrait format, for the IWB, in landscape format? “It is not enough to project, confirms Ms. Chatard. We are working to digitize notebooks directly into ActivBoard and Smart format. The visual is different and a paper notebook page becomes two or three pages of TBI. We also offer TBI grammar capsules for the Clicmots collection. "

Designing digital learning materials that harness the full potential of the TBI is probably the biggest challenge for publishers. Even if the activities to be planned are beautiful and well thought out, Marie-Josée Lavoie says she needs more space and time to manipulate her students. "It is utopian to believe that all my students will be able to go to the TBI every day". If the number of students per class is in their twenties, what do most students do while a classmate handles the board?

"My students get up, once in 26, and come and write on the board on the picture in their textbook," observes Ms. Roberge in her second grade class.e cycle. I could have done the same on the green board. Are publishing houses starting to think differently? It seems so. “Even if several teachers are still in“ projection ”mode, our greatest concern is to ask ourselves what more can be done, says Vivianne Chénier. The TBI is a place where the student can also learn by manipulating! We have to go further, it is much more than a simple projector. "

If the trend is TBI, what about wearable technologies? Are digital textbooks destined to take this turn too? The publishers consulted are not at the same point in their reflections. On the Grand Duke side, we continue to focus on BITs. “So far, we have not seen that schools allow students to have tablets or laptops in hand. At ERPI, high school students are offered online access to their approved textbook, which can be viewed using a laptop or tablet.

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