Science on Stage Canada (SoSC) from June 25 to 28, 2014 in St-Hyacinthe

SoSC brings together enthusiastic educators in education to inspire young people in science and technology By providing educators with innovative tools they are able to transform their classrooms into “innovative” learning environments.

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PRESS RELEASE - SoSC brings together enthusiastic educators in education to inspire young people in science and technology It is by providing educators with innovative tools that they are able to transform their classrooms into environments innovative learning.

The objectives of SoSC are to ...
- To provide you, you educators, with new motivating tools to ignite the curiosity of the pupils with innovative projects and new approaches in learning.
- Allow you to share your innovative and inspiring ideas and strategies with Canadian colleagues and to create support networks.
- Bring together avant-garde researchers and educators to build long-term bridges between the two communities.
- Enrich your knowledge and hone your skills through professional development sessions in order to keep you on the cutting edge of your art.
- Recognize and reward yourself for your excellence and creativity in learning science and technology.

The three pillars of SoSC
In addition to a presence on its website and the presentation of projects, the annual meeting is a pan-Canadian collaboration of science and technology educators all dedicated to the development and enhancement of learning in science and technology. in all the countries.

SoSC is based on three essential pillars including:

1. The Exposcience
Showcasing best practices
As an educator, many like you across the country will share your most innovative ideas and strategies with your colleagues. Your material will be posted on the SoSC website.
You and each of the participants will have the opportunity to present your achievements in an atmosphere of exposure. The schedule is configured to allow everyone to visit each other. Some educators will be chosen for their exceptional project to present on stage for 30 minutes in front of the whole assembly.
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2. Educational discussions
As an educator you have to deal with several obstacles on a daily basis. Bringing new perspectives to discussions from Canadian colleagues (teachers, informal educators and professors) suggests possible solutions to overcome their irritants.

3. Professional development
Activities for all levels (elementary, secondary and college) put you in contact with cutting-edge research techniques in education, science, and technology and create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and practices.

Science on Stage gains:
- An increased interest in science and technology. You will be able to offer more motivating activities and inspire your students more than before.
- Additional educational tools to help you plan and implement more authentic classroom activities.
- A greater interest in science and technology which will allow Canadian companies to have access to qualified and competent succession.


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