A look back at World Teachers' Day

This day is celebrated every year on October 5, at the initiative of Unesco. In 2013, it was a Saturday! Let us therefore continue the celebration today with the gathering of various press releases published on this occasion.

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World Teachers' Day, October 5, 201

A good teacher can change the lives of hundreds of students. It can help them develop critical thinking, problem-solve, and make informed choices. It can also lead them towards tolerance, respect and collaboration with others, thus reducing the gaps between cultures, and promoting equality between women and men.

In developing countries, a well-equipped teacher can do even more. It can empower children and young people to lift themselves out of poverty and dramatically improve their health and quality of life.

Especially for girls: according to the World Bank, each additional year of schooling allows girls to increase their future income by at least 10 %, and decrease the mortality rate of their future children by 5 %.

The current generation of children and young people is the largest ever in human history. The world has 7 billion people, nearly half of whom are under 25 years old. Among them, more than 90 % live in developing countries.

Globally, 127 million young people and 796 million adults are illiterate (two-thirds of whom are women).

Teachers have an important role to play, and they need support and resources.

Canada continues to place paramount importance on education and to support teacher assistance and training, as outlined in its Children and Youth Strategy. For example, with the support of Canada:
A project led by the University of Alberta, in collaboration with the University of Dodoma in Tanzania, supports the professional development of mathematics teachers primary education in three rural areas of Tanzania.
· the project Teacher training in Afghanistan, from the organization Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, helps improve the skills of secondary school teachers in Laghman and Kabul provinces in learning methodology, pedagogy and teaching content.

As the initiative comes to an end in 2015 Education for All, Canada and other members of the United Nations are working with civil society, academic networks and the private sector to define the next global education priorities.

Children everywhere have the right to a quality education to reach their full potential, and their teachers to adequate resources to do their jobs.

SOURCE: Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada


World Teachers' Day - I teach, I prepare for the future

QUÉBEC, Oct. 4, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - It is with great pride that the Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE-CSQ) will mark World Teachers' Day tomorrow, October 5, of the 30 million members of Education International. For the FSE, this day is a continuation of its important campaign to promote the teaching profession, whose slogan is "I teach, I prepare for the future".

“Promoting the teaching profession is a top priority for the FSE. Well beyond this single day, we hope that everyone can show their gratitude and respect for the work done every day by the teachers ”, explains the president of the FSE, Josée Scalabrini. "To better promote the teaching profession, we must also instill in our network a change in attitude towards teaching staff in order to ensure that we respect their autonomy and that we take into account their great expertise in the teaching profession. improving our education system, ”she adds.

The countryside Prof, my pride!

On the occasion of this very special day, the FSE takes the opportunity to launch the second edition of its writing activity as part of its campaign to promote the teaching profession. Prof, my pride! Thus, students, colleagues, parents and members of the public are invited to pay tribute to a teacher who is making a difference in his or her community by sharing a text or a video under the theme "A nod to my teacher, because… ”. To participate, simply go to the website, or on the FSE website. We can find a clip that the FSE has made available for the occasion.

Education International

Organized annually since 1994 by Education International, World Teachers' Day takes place on October 5 and commemorates the signing of the 1966 UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Teachers. The FSE, through its affiliation with the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ), is a member of Education International.


The Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE-CSQ) is the largest organization of teachers from school boards in Quebec. It represents more than 60,000 teachers in all sectors of education, including preschool, elementary and secondary education, vocational training and adult education.

SOURCE Federation of Education Unions (CSQ)


World Teachers' Day - "I invite the population to take concrete action to promote public schools and their teachers" - Josée Bouchard

QUÉBEC, Oct. 4, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - The Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) is taking advantage of World Teachers' Day, which is held annually on October 5 at the initiative of UNESCO, to pay tribute to some 100,000 preschool, elementary, secondary, vocational and adult education teachers who work in our school boards. "It is important to seize opportunities like this to reiterate the essential role of teachers who work daily in the public education system and who, through their professionalism, contribute to student success," said the president of the FCSQ, Josée Bouchard.

The promotion of the public education system is a priority of the Federation which adopted, at the end of a regional tour and a Public education summit, a Declaration in favor of public education in Quebec. This declaration is based on four principles, including that of the recognition of professional expertise in human resources.

"For the FCSQ, there is no doubt that the enhancement of the teaching profession goes hand in hand with the enhancement of public schools and I therefore invite anyone who cares about the quality of services to students and the sustainability of our public education system to take concrete action and sign the Declaration in favor of public education », Proposed Josée Bouchard.

Mme Bouchard also recalls that at a time when the public education system is being abused, it is important to be able to count on teachers dedicated to the success of the students.

The Federation of Quebec School Boards brings together the 60 French-language school boards in Quebec as well as the Commission scolaire du Littoral. School boards are local governments that ensure the academic success of more than one million students by providing educational services in elementary, secondary, vocational training and adult education. They also offer efficient and essential services, particularly in terms of human resources and material and financial resources. In addition, school boards are responsible for distributing resources equitably between their establishments and making safe school transportation accessible at all times.

SOURCE Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ)


World Teachers' Day - The FEC-CSQ holds a friendly gathering and raises the awareness of Minister Pierre Duchesne

QUEBEC, Oct. 4, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - On the occasion of World Teachers' Day which will take place tomorrow, some fifty members of the Federation of CEGEP teachers (FEC-CSQ), affiliated with at the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ), held a rally today, at the beginning of the afternoon, in front of the offices of the Minister of Higher Education Pierre Duchesne in Quebec.

The FEC-CSQ thus took advantage of the holding of its General Council in the National Capital to mobilize its delegates to mark World Teachers' Day as part of this convivial event.

Indeed, the president of the FEC-CSQ, Mario Beauchemin, specified that today's gathering was intended to be an event in support of public education. The FEC-CSQ members present also took the opportunity to distribute apples to passers-by, this fruit symbolizing free and accessible public education.

A right to education that is never acquired

Mario Beauchemin also had the opportunity to meet a representative of Minister Pierre Duchesne to tell him about the priorities of its members for the next year and remind him of the crucial role of education in transforming the lives of young people and societies. "Here, as elsewhere in the world, the right to quality public education for all is never granted and teachers must fight, not only to defend their professions, but also to remind our governments of their duties. and responsibilities relating to education, ”argues the president of the FEC-CSQ.

An internationally united federation

The Federation also wishes to mark World Teachers' Day by emphasizing the theme chosen by Education International (EI) for the year 2013 which is United for Education.

“The FEC-CSQ has been actively engaged for several years within EI in solidarity with teachers from all over the world towards a common goal of achieving quality education for all peoples. A worldwide movement will also be launched in this direction during the month of October, ”explains Mario Beauchemin.

World Conference in Montreal

Many events will take place during a whole year of action, culminating in a global day of action in October 2014, without forgetting of course the World Conference on Education which will be held in Montreal at the end of May 2014. .

“Of course, the FEC and the CSQ will participate in this campaign and in the Montreal event. For the FEC, the promotion of the teaching profession at the college level goes not only through our collective agreement but also through other forms of demands and solidarity which also have a real impact on our daily work ”, argues Mario Beauchemin.

Profile of the FEC-CSQ

The Federation of CEGEP Teachers (FEC-CSQ) is a group of thirteen CEGEP teachers' unions from several regions of Quebec. Founded in 1968, the FEC-CSQ has always campaigned for CEGEPs to have the means to offer students quality training, preparatory to the job market or to university, while contributing to the development of citizens and free and autonomous citizens. It is affiliated with the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ), which represents nearly 200,000 members, of which nearly 130,000 are education personnel. It is the most important union organization in education in Quebec.



Teachers: pillars of democracy

TORONTO, Oct. 4, 2013 / CNW / - “On World Teachers' Day tomorrow, we congratulate the teachers of Ontario for their outstanding work in the classroom and within of society, ”said Julie Pauletig, President of the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF).

“This year's theme, Teachers: Pillars of Democracy, highlights the role teachers play in educating students about the value of democracy in sustaining the quality of life in our society,” Ms. Pauletig added. Teachers lead by example by defending democratic principles in the public arena. "

World Teachers' Day, celebrated annually on October 5, was proclaimed in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to recognize the contribution of teachers to the society.

Recently, the Ontario Teachers' Insurance Plan (OTIP) and OTF honored the excellence of teachers in publicly funded Ontario schools by presenting OTIP Teaching Awards. for excellence to Kerri Lyn Grainger of St. Columban Catholic School (Dublin), in the Beginner Teaching category; Nancy Dye, Hearing Itinerant Department (Toronto), in the Elementary Education category; and Catarina Vindasius of East Elgin High School (Aylmer), in the Secondary Education category.

"These teachers represent the excellence of our teaching staff and the work that their members do every day in our schools," said Pauletig. I hope that tomorrow everyone will take the time to thank a member of the teaching staff. "

The Ontario Teachers' Federation is the voice of the teaching profession in Ontario and its 160,000 teachers. OTF members are full-time, part-time and casual teachers who work in all publicly funded schools across the province - elementary, secondary, public, Catholic and Francophone.

SOURCE Ontario Teachers' Federation


World Teachers' Day, October 5, 2013 - The Fédération des cégeps salutes the commitment of teaching staff in the public college network

MONTREAL, Oct. 4, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - On the eve of World Teachers' Day, the Fédération des cégeps salutes the commitment of the teachers who work daily to provide young people and adults who attend the 48 cégeps high-quality training as well as an environment conducive to their educational success.

In addition to the courses they give in one or other of the ten pre-university training programs and the 130 technical training programs offered at CEGEP, the some 21,000 teachers in the college network help to develop and revise these programs. study programs. They also supervise students, offering essential support to young people who are at the age of decisive choices on a personal, academic and professional level. They therefore play an essential role in the development and academic success of college students.

The services offered to adults and businesses also rely on the commitment and expertise of members of the teaching staff. Each year, these teachers ensure that adults enrolled in continuing education can improve their skills, retrain or train, in addition to offering companies a response adapted to their development needs.

CEGEP teaching staff are also very active in research, carrying out activities recognized in particular in the Quebec government's Strategy for Research and Innovation. These activities are linked among others to the fields of natural sciences and engineering, human and social sciences, and health. They contribute to the advancement of our society and to the growth of knowledge while promoting the quality of the education given at CEGEP.

A large number of prizes and distinctions come each year to reward the excellence of the work of teachers in the public college network, in particular the Minister's Prizes for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, as well as the honorable mentions and prizes awarded by the Association québécoise de pedagogie collégiale.

The Fédération des cégeps is the voluntary grouping of 48 public colleges in Quebec. It was created in 1969 in order to promote the development of college education and CEGEPs. It acts as the official spokesperson and place of consultation for CEGEPs, to which it offers services in the areas of pedagogy, student affairs, continuing education, financing, human resources, educational evaluation, legal affairs, negotiation and labor relations. The Fédération des cégeps represents the colleges in the negotiation of collective agreements.

SOURCE Federation of CEGEPs


October 5, World Teachers' Day

Teachers, front-line architects of educational success

MONTREAL, Oct. 4, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - On the eve of World Teachers' Day, the National Federation of Quebec Teachers (FNEEQ) and the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN) unite their voices to affirm loud and clear the correctness of the global theme of a Quality public education. This day was established in 1994 jointly by Education International and UNESCO to underline the essential role played by teaching staff in education. At the global level as at the national level, accessibility to quality public education directly concerns government authorities and is intimately linked to the conditions of the teaching and learning environment and to the teaching resources dedicated to it. The government of Quebec must therefore make public education a real national priority and take all possible means to promote it.

Collectively, we must underline the importance of the role of teachers in the transmission of knowledge and highlight their essential contribution in the daily life of students as a figure of emulation or as a confidential ear. This enhancement must have concrete repercussions through good working conditions and remuneration that recognizes their educational expertise and this extracurricular role. “Good working conditions give rise to better learning conditions,” says Caroline Senneville, president of the FNEEQ-CSN at the outset. How can we talk about the quality of the learning environment when, for example, the lecturers have little or no access to an office to receive their students, even though they give a large part of the courses at the university? She continues.

“The government must recognize that teachers play a key role in the educational success of their students. In this perspective, it is shameful that we are grappling with establishments where the lack of support for teachers is flagrant, while the latter have to deal with a growing number of young people and adults with learning difficulties ”, indicates for her part, Ms. Denise Boucher, vice-president of the CSN.

If it wants to preserve the quality of public education, the government must therefore take into account the growing heterogeneity of classes in the allocation of resources and the working conditions of staff. "We are concerned about the growing precariousness of the working and living conditions of teachers and lecturers, both at college and university, and we bluntly denounce the drift in education which gives rise, among other things, to ideological mercantile measures, such as quality assurance ”insisted the representative of the FNEEQ-CSN, Ms. Senneville.

“We are among those who stand behind the simple, current and strong idea that education is not only a human right, but also a social responsibility. This is why we want it to be as qualified and qualified as possible, for the generations of today and tomorrow, ”concludes Ms. Boucher, who invites unions across Quebec to underline their support and concern for quality public education.

About the FNEEQ-CSN and the CSN

The National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN) has some 33,000 members in CEGEPs, private institutions and universities. The federation brings together, among others, 85 % CEGEP professors as well as the staff of several private colleges. The vast majority of lecturers and tutors at TELUQ are members of affiliated unions, as are the staff of 37 private educational establishments. The FNEEQ is the most representative union organization of higher education in Quebec.

Founded in 1921, the CSN is a trade union organization that works for a united, democratic, just, equitable and sustainable society. As such, she is involved in several debates that are of interest to Quebec society. It brings together more than 300,000 workers gathered on a sectoral or professional basis in eight federations, as well as on a regional basis in thirteen central councils, mainly in the territory of Quebec.


SOURCE National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN)



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