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RECREATED-YOGA capsules: Turnkey for the introduction of Yoga and Meditation in your class!

Video capsules specially designed for schools. Awaken young people's interest in simple stretching, breathing, visualization and meditation exercises that are easy to do in class.

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Advertorial, by RÉCRÉ-YOGA Photo credit: Hors Focus


Life goes fast.
Daily life is busy.
The external stimuli are multiple.
The quest for performance is everywhere.

There is certainly a lot of excitement in this movement.
Children adapt to this stimulating life.
It is theirs, their reality, their learning of existence.

However, these little human beings also pay the price.
(Anxiety, agitation, learning disability, addiction, fatigue, emotional insecurity, etc.)

Children, like adults, need to calm their restlessness and learn to stop momentarily. Not just for sleeping. Stop to learn to connect with their inner world, where all their potential and their faith in themselves resides.


As the founder of TOUPIE-YOGA, it is in this state of mind that I created the RECREATED YOGA CAPSULES, as a digital resource that can help children calm down.

The video clips are specially designed for the school environment in order to arouse the interest of young people in simple exercises of stretching, breathing, visualization and meditation as self-regulation tools easy to use in the classroom. The fun and uncluttered animations gently stimulate children to take part in the game of the relaxation (cardiac coherence, mindfulness, sound relaxation, yoga, etc.). Subscription to the establishment license includes 9 capsules to receive each 1er from August 2019 to May 2020.

We all diligently charge our electronic devices, and if we taught our children to do the same with their inner battery? The formula is simple: breathe, stretch, listen to the silence and observe what is happening inside.

See here 4 video clips - Youtube version
(NB The visual quality of the download is superior at the time of purchase.)

Roller coasters 

The melody 

The seabed 

The juggler


To date, more than 70 schools have subscribed to this first season!

The benefits that prompted teachers to experiment with this new resource are numerous. Yoga and meditation promote:

  • The experience of inner calm
  • Theappeasement of agitation physical
  • The development of body awareness thanks to the breathing
  • Renewed attention and concentration sustained
  • The teaching of benevolence towards oneself

Try the experience too!

Try for free the capsule The seabed : http://toupieyoga.com/ecole


Take advantage of the offer at 30 % discount on the SCHOOL LICENSE245 $ (value of 350 $)

Valid until December 13 inclusively

PROMO CODE : trendy school


Thus, I hope that this enthusiasm for yoga and meditation will carry a rich teaching of meaning in the field of education, for now and for a long time.

Namaste! (I salute the good and the beautiful in you ?)

Marcelline Poirier "Toupie"
Yoga teacher-instructor for children

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