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The FSE (CSQ) recognizes the merits of several of the concerns of the Higher Education Council

Press release - Having briefly taken note of the opinion of the Higher Education Council (CSE), published on June 3 and entitled Professional development, enrichment for the entire teaching profession, the Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE-CSQ) welcomes the premise that professional development starts first and foremost from the needs expressed by teachers.

In addition, the CSE rightly considers that the teacher must be in charge of his or her professional development project and that it must be based on the analysis of his or her practice, with greater involvement of the school administrators in their educational role.

“Teachers have been telling us for several years that the training offered by school boards, often imposed by them, is sometimes far removed from the needs expressed in their daily lives. These needs may differ from individual to individual and from school to school. Fostering the commitment and autonomy of teachers as part of a thoughtful approach to their own professional development is certainly a promising path for the profession ”, declared Mme Josée Scalabrini, President of the FSE.

On the other hand, in the opinion of the FSE, such orientations require the establishment of conditions of efficiency allowing an acceptable arrangement of time and a better allocation of financial resources for this purpose. Thus, the FSE is against the suggestion of the CSE to use a large part of the pedagogical days for training.

"Having the project management of our professional development also means having the project management of our pedagogical days, which are invaluable for the planning and the preparation of teaching material, the consultation between colleagues or for meetings with the parents. Time is a real constraint and the teachers' task cannot be made more difficult in these circumstances ”, concluded Scalabrini.



The Federation of Teaching Unions brings together 35 unions representing more than 60,000 teachers from across Quebec. The Federation has among its members teachers from all sectors: preschool, primary, secondary, vocational training and general adult education. It is affiliated with the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ).



The FPPE-CSQ welcomes the opinion of the Higher Education Council on the professional development of teachers

MONTREAL, June 3, 2014 / CNW Telbec / - The Federation of Education Professionals, the FPPE-CSQ, welcomes the opinion Professional development, enrichment for the entire teaching profession published today by the Higher Education Council for the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport, Mr. Yves Bolduc.

“We are delighted that the Higher Education Council is reiterating the importance of continuing education for teaching staff. Like him, we are convinced that if the school community mobilizes to support teachers in a process of professional development, it is the student and their learning that will come out the winners, ”says the President of the FPPE-CSQ, Ms. Johanne Pomerleau.

We agree that it is important for teachers to be in charge of their professional development. This development should not be limited to responding to organizational imperatives such as the achievement of quantified targets. It must above all revolve around a collective process in which the teacher reflects on their own practice.

However, school administrations, more particularly school administrators, must put in place the conditions (resources, time, etc.) to adequately support teaching staff in this process, ”continues Ms. Pomerleau.

Among these resources, the Higher Education Council stresses the major role that educational advisers are called upon to play in supporting the professional development of teaching staff. In fact, to guide teachers in their development, the school community expects pedagogical advisers to have pedagogical and disciplinary expertise, the ability to popularize, as well as interpersonal and support skills.

The FPPE-CSQ can only deplore, in this context, that the working conditions of pedagogical advisers have become unfavorable over the years, while their salary is slightly lower than that of teachers and their year of work takes 240 days, compared to 200. “It is all the more absurd that the educational advisers are, for the most part, former teachers who, instead of seeing their skills valued, see their working conditions. work is greatly impoverished, ”laments Johanne Pomerleau.

“We are also concerned that a good number of educational advisor positions have been cut during the recent cuts in education. This is all the more alarming as it is the learning of the students that is compromised ”, concludes Johanne Pomerleau.

Profile of the FPPE (CSQ)

The Federation of Quebec Education Professionals (FPPE-CSQ) represents 19 unions with 7,300 members in almost all school boards in Quebec, French, English, Cree and Kativik. It has among its members different categories of staff in the administrative and educational sectors and in direct services to students (among others, educational counselors, psychologists, psychoeducators and psychoeducators, speech therapists, guidance counselors, remedial teachers, librarians and others. spiritual life and community involvement animators).

SOURCE Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (FPPE-CSQ)

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