Nearly $5 million $ for the development of novel projects in education sciences

Press Release - Six institutions in the Université du Québec network are receiving nearly $4.8 million in funding from the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur for 11 innovative education projects.

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Press Release - Six institutions in the Université du Québec network are receiving nearly $4.8 million in funding from the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur for 11 innovative education projects.

The projects, selected through a call for projects, had to respond to the government's priority of promoting success at all levels by improving and diversifying the supply of teacher training. They should also contribute to the enhancement of the teaching profession and respond to current educational issues.

The issues targeted in the 11 network projects are:

  • the development of new differentiated training paths giving access to the profession for people from different backgrounds;
  • the development, in partnership with schools, of continuing education programs that meet the needs of teachers;
  • the adaptation of educational and pedagogical practices to the growing diversity of people and needs;
  • Improving practical teacher education;
  • support for student retention and success in teacher education programs;
  • the integration of education for sustainable development or climate change education into the curriculum.

The projects funded within the institutions of the Université du Québec network are

ProjectsFacilitiesResearch ProfessorsGrants
For a teacher training program anchored to the reality of the profession and a successful professional careerUQAMHenri Boudreault700,000 $ (2021-2022)
262,000 $ (2022-2023)
Maximizing skill development for teaching a diversity of learners - Phase 2UQTRNadia Rouseau516,000 $
The inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds in early childhood education: a challenge for pre-service and in-service teacher trainingUQARMonica Boudreau187 124 $
Climate Change Education Pathways and Improved Hands-on Training in Elementary and Secondary Education: Supporting Student SuccessUQARÉmilie Morin345,000 $
Living Laboratory for Innovation in Education (LaVIE)UQARSéverine Parent400,000 $ (2021-2022)
113,650 $ (2022-2023)
To develop innovative baccalaureate training for future secondary school teachers in mathematics and science and technology throughout the countryUQONathalie Anwandter Cuellar300,000 $ (2021-2022)
212,000 $ (2022-2023)
To set up teaching and training on environmental and sustainable development issues for future teachersUQOMarco Barroca-Paccard141,000 $ (2021-2022)
115,000 $ (2022-2023)
Aboriginal Circle for the co-construction of Aboriginal knowledge and pedagogies necessary for the development of a course in the integration of Aboriginal realities and perspectives to be offered in teacher education programsUQATÉmilie Deschênes108 130 $
English boot camp programUQATMaria Lourdes Lira-Gonzalez14 350 $
Development of a Joint Master's Degree Program in Secondary Education: A Response to the Shortage of Legally Qualified TeachersUQAT
Aline Niyubahwe
Réal Bergeron
500,000 $ (2021-2022)
319,500 $ (2022-2023)
Deployment of the qualifying master's degree in primary educationTELUQCaroline Brassard566,000 $

To learn more about the development of novel projects in education, visit the Ministry of Higher Education.

Source: University of Quebec

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