(Discover #Edteq) Operam: management and monitoring of studies simplified… by students!

Operam develops solutions for time management, pedagogical monitoring and learner supervision, particularly in higher education. 

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies that are members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Operam to you.

Operam develops IT and electronic solutions that meet the needs of students, teachers, tutors and administrative staff. In particular, the company offers solutions for time management, pedagogical monitoring and learner supervision, particularly in higher education. 

Three years ago now, Yann Giroux (CEO) and Jean-Michael Fleurant (VP and designer) formed a team to launch Operam, a project resulting from a university course. Then, a year ago, Tristan (VP, production) joined Operam to take the company further with the creation of A +, a solution stemming from an idea of Charles Lachapelle (VP, finance).

“It's a fiery team! "
- Mitch [1]

Several products are ready to be put into production and the company is starting to market its first platform after a test period at Collège Mérici.

“Wait, what !? Do we have an office in a school? Wow… I thought I had finished going to school… ”: this is Charles's reaction after JM and Yann told him that Collège Mérici offered them a workspace. Research and development is now carried out close to users, with the help of Bruno Lemieux, in charge of continuing education at the College.


A +: centralize appointment scheduling at all levels in the establishment

The founders lived it, their classmates, teachers and friends also lived it: nobody likes to wait. Wait to make an appointment with the guidance counselor or the API, wait in line to obtain information on a service sought, or wait for a student who has not shown up for their appointment at the Center d help… Operam offers a solution to all of this, which goes much further.

A + is a platform centralizing the appointment-making of all the actors of the school, being able to manage the common room and offering the possibility of eliminating the paper follow-ups of the learner through the educational services of the l school thanks to a CRM-style module (customer relationship management).

The availability of the two people making an appointment together is visible to both sides at all times. This is a solution that saves precious time, in particular for Jean-Philippe Saint-Laurent, teacher at Collège Mérici, user of the service.

Have you ever thought about offering students the opportunity to navigate through your institution's services directly from iPad-type terminals positioned at the four corners of the building? THE'app multiplatform A + (Web, iOs and Android) makes this idea very simple!

The platform also offers the possibility of reserving team work rooms or common areas as well as classrooms, depending on the constraints.

A + understands that each actor, whether a teacher, a tutor or a guidance counselor, monitors the learner differently. This is why the Web application offers a digital student file adapted to each of them, according to their needs and the type of follow-up they have to carry out.

The solution also has the potential for integration with several other applications (such as digital agendas) in order to synchronize information. This is just one example among many.

Oplan / Oplus (a preview)

This is the product that led to the creation of Operam. Oplan and Oplus assist the student for his study periods, exam periods and oral presentations. The Oplan software generates temporal and personalized study plans to help the learner to better structure his time and his academic priorities. The time management of the generated plans is simpler using the innovative connected dial, which will learn about study habits, in order to improve the plans generated by the software. The product is currently in development. For more information or a pilot project, do not hesitate to contact the Operam team.

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[1] Anonymous 🙂

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