New interactive recoveries: the ultimate boost to passing high school end-of-year exams

Press release - It is a year marked by many innovations which ends for the organization Alloprof with the launch of MiniRécups.

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Press release - This is a year marked by many innovations which ends with the launch of Alloprof MiniRecups. These virtual and synthetic recoveries aim to equip the 350,000 secondary school students who are preparing for their final exams, with a view to a second report counting for 65 % of the final mark.

In this context where much remains to be played, around forty MiniRecups covering priority learning are now available on mobile and browser, complementing the efforts of Alloprof as part of the Ministry of Education's strategy to strengthen the school safety net.

“Every year in June, thousands of students turn to Alloprof, with the impression that they no longer understand anything about the subject. The MiniRécups were designed to alleviate this anxiety at the end of the year. The pupil is guided step by step towards a global understanding of the concepts. And of course, he is invited to communicate directly with our teachers if the MiniRécup has not fully answered his questions ”, specifies MarcAntoine Tanguay, spokesperson and director of strategy for Alloprof.

A tool that will give a real helping hand

MiniRecups, these are recovery videos of less than 30 minutes that play down the essential concepts by summarizing them in a dynamic, fun and interactive way. Available at, they cover the subjects posing the most difficulty for students among the essential skills, such as understanding the narrative text, solving algebraic problems or density calculations.

Alloprof plans to broaden the scope of the concepts discussed over the coming months. In total, 150 MiniRécups will be deployed by June 2022, equivalent to a total of 75 hours of overhaul.

Interactive learning path

The experience includes several stages to facilitate learning and ensure understanding of the material. When starting their MiniRecup, the pupil reviews the preliminary concepts. In order to maintain his attention and confirm that he has understood correctly, questions emerge on the screen throughout the video. The student is then challenged with exercises, then invited to consult related concepts.

Resources for preparing for end-of-year exams

To help students of all levels with their end-of-year exams, Alloprof also encourages them to consult the other resources already online: 3000 explanatory sheets, 460 videos and 780 exercises.

With the support of the Ministry of Education, Alloprof has increased its initiatives this year to respond to a growth of more than 60 % in requests for assistance. Thus, since January, the organization opens on Sundays, has doubled its number of teachers and has launched a Support Zone and a chat service.

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