Minister of Education creates advisory group on innovation

100 primary and secondary stakeholders, both public and private, have been advising the Minister of Education on various issues since April.

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They are 100 primary and secondary school stakeholders, representing both the public and the private sector. They have been advising the Minister of Education on various issues since April.

Le ministre de l'Éducation crée un groupe consultatif sur l’innovation
The Minister of Education of Quebec, Mr. Sébastien Proulx (Photo: École branchée)

The group, whose members come from a variety of political perspectives, refers to itself as “The 100”. It took shape following a announcement made in march by the minister Sebastien proulx on the occasion of Meeting of French-language schools in the network (REFER). He then expressed his desire to bring together a hundred teachers and professionals in the field to discuss educational innovation, in connection with Quebec's digital strategy and the policy on educational success, which will soon be unveiled.

Now the group is created and the discussions are going well. Everything takes place online, via the Slack platform. Through various channels representing as many themes, ideas are shared and sustained exchanges between stakeholders make it possible in particular to enlighten the Minister on these subjects: the specific needs of special needs students, the evaluation of learning, skills training. from 21e century, in-service teacher training, literacy, digital strategy and promotion of the teaching profession. Other reflection projects can also be launched at any time by the participants.

Objective: get a different point of view

One of the members of the steering committee of this group affirms that “the minister and his political attachés are really attentive [to the concerns of the group] and are familiar with their files. We feel a real desire to take care of the school with a view to the future. They question us and are also open to our suggestions. For once, we are not just raising problems, we are sharing ideas and concrete solutions. I would say it's refreshing and uplifting at the same time. Moreover, in a recent meeting of the committee with the minister, the latter said he appreciated the possibility of obtaining a point of view different from that of the groups and lobbies to which he is accustomed.

The members of the “Les 100” group participate on a voluntary basis in these discussions and invest the time they can to express their point of view on the issues that affect them most. They are also numerous to be surprised (positively!) Of such openness and such listening. Several of them will be present on June 21 for the unveiling of the policy on educational success.

Group composition statistics

(Addition of June 19:) Although the majority of people in the group prefer to remain anonymous, one can get an idea of its composition from these statistics. Note that although the group is called "Les 100", it is made up of a little over 100 people.

  • Primary school teachers: 20 %
  • Secondary school teachers: 22 %
  • Resource teachers: 6 %
  • School adaptation: 5 %
  • School management: 13 %
  • Educational advisers: 8 %
  • RÉCIT resource people: 12 %
  • College / university teachers: 6 %
  • Others (ministry, agencies): 8 %
  • Private sector: 32 %
  • Public sector: 54 %
  • Others / nsp: 14 %



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