AI arrives at Collège Sainte-Anne with the creation of a virtual teaching assistant

The Collège Sainte-Anne is launching a project to create a virtual assistant-teacher which will be led by teacher David Levan and his collaborators.

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Lachine, Monday March 11, 2019 - The Sainte-Anne College is launching a project to create a virtual assistant-teacher which will be led by teacher David Levan in collaboration with Jean-Philippe Bradette, co-founder and president of APPPRENTX and Patrick Charland, co-holder of the Chair UNESCO in curriculum development and professor in the didactics department of UQAM.

To develop the project, David Levan, a chemistry teacher at the College, was inspired by virtual assistants from Google and Apple as well as chatbots (chatbot) that can be found on many websites and social networks.

Director of educational innovation at the College, Isabelle Senécal enthusiastically welcomes this initiative: "With this project, we will create a virtual agent who will support, guide and reinforce student learning", she explains.

By taking advantage of advances in artificial intelligence, the teaching assistant will support the student in solving problems, without giving him the answer. The assistant will help him in particular to structure his thinking, to orient his research and will be able to put him in mentoring relationship with other learners.

For teachers, the assistant will collect data to target student strengths and identify common gaps in order to make the teaching task more effective. David Levan's approach and the parameters that frame it combine cognitive psychology, didactics and artificial intelligence. The project will be guided by principles of benevolence in a context of interactions between humans and machines.

This project to create a teaching assistant is made possible thanks to the Fund for innovation and pedagogical surpassing of the Sainte-Anne Foundation, which enables innovative projects to be carried out by teachers from the three levels of education at Collège Sainte-Anne. The Fund exists thanks to the generosity of participants in the CEO Challenge, a sporting challenge that takes place annually. Last year, the courageous walkers conquered the desert of Morocco, allowing the Foundation to grant nearly 100,000$ in scholarships.

About Sainte-Anne College

Founded in 1861, the Collège Sainte-Anne is recognized for its daring and educational innovation. The institution offers active pedagogy and exclusive study programs. Renowned for its international component, since 2007 the establishment has forged links with partner schools on five continents. To stimulate the creativity of young people, Sainte-Anne has developed the Course of Tomorrow, an innovative educational model that places them at the center of the learning process. Sainte-Anne has three levels of education: preschool-elementary (Académie Sainte-Anne), secondary (Collège Sainte-Anne) and college (Collégial international Sainte-Anne).

About the Sainte-Anne Foundation

In keeping with its historical mission, the Sainte-Anne Foundation has been facilitating financial access to Sainte-Anne for families in need, since 1992. In 2018-2019, the Foundation thus made it possible to give back more than 250,000 $ in scholarships. The Sainte-Anne Foundation supports and accelerates the deployment of the reinvented school within the three educational levels of Sainte-Anne. It contributes to the influence of innovations in order to inspire both the education sector and that of philanthropy. Finally, it promotes the openness of Sainte-Anne to its community.

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