Le Labsolu: A new digital creation laboratory at Saint-Paul College

Saint-Paul College, located on the south shore of Montreal, wants to stimulate the creative spirit of its students by setting up a digital creation laboratory: the Labsolu.

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Saint-Paul College, located on the south shore of Montreal, wants to stimulate the creative spirit of its students by equipping itself with a digital creation laboratory: the Labsolu.

labsoluThe Labsolu of Saint-Paul College will invite its students, from September 2016, to endless experiences and discoveries. This digital laboratory will integrate a creation space (a “makerspace”) comprising a laser cutter, 3D printers, sewing machines, vinyl cutter, electronics, etc., and two soundproof studios for audio and video recording on a green screen. The appropriation of technologies in this room will allow young people, among others, to create, produce, finance their projects, repair and recycle their own objects.

Photo: Saint-Paul College


Develop a culture of innovation from Secondary 1 and for all students

The College aims to develop creativity, critical thinking, but also initiative by working on design thinking, prototyping, experimentation and entrepreneurship in order to allow students to become active and empowered citizens in the digital world. of tomorrow. The The absolute will be available to all students of the establishment, regardless of their program.


A vision inspired by a global movement

With the The absolute, the College is launching a new vision for its establishment. This vision is very much inspired by the culture maker. Culture maker emphasizes innovative use of technology and encourages invention and prototyping. It is a global movement of democratization and appropriation of new technologies by allowing citizens to create, produce, repair and recycle their objects themselves or with others.


Photo: Saint-Paul College

Thanks to major investments from major partners, including the Saint-Paul Foundation, the College, which is one of the 20 Quebec institutions that are part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project, will be the first on the South Shore of Montreal. and among the first in Quebec to have its digital creation laboratory.



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Sébastien Wart
Sebastien wart
Director of teaching and educational innovation at Saint-Paul College. A specialist in technological integration, Sébastien was an IT and Web optimization consultant at the FÉEP as well as an educational consultant in technology integration and a teacher at the Collège de Montréal.

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