Recipients of the 2021-2022 FCSSQ Awards of Excellence

The Federation of School Service Centers recently highlighted five school service centers' outstanding projects on student wellness for learning. Read about the projects in this release.

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Five school service centers stand out for their promising projects on well-being for learning

Press Release - The Federation of School Service Centres has recognized five School Service Centres for their outstanding projects on student wellness for learning. On November 17, six FCSSQ Award of Excellence were presented to the winners during an evening of recognition attended by nearly 400 people.

La Camaradière's symphony orchestra, composed of extraordinarily talented students, from 3e to 5e secondary school in music concentration, punctuated this evening of recognition with musical themes that were greatly appreciated by the audience.  

"Congratulations to the winners! I would like to salute their remarkable work and the involvement of the staff members who implemented these projects, which greatly contributed to the well-being of the students and supported their learning. These initiatives have also had a positive impact on the health of the staff of the institutions involved. Their actions and dedication are a reflection of the public education network, which is always working to achieve a single goal: student success," said FCSSQ President and CEO Caroline Dupré.

High Cantons School Service Centre

Category Preschool / Primary

The Centre de services scolaires des Hauts-Cantons, in the Eastern Townships region, received an award in the category Preschool and primary for the project Positive intervention. This project caught the attention of the jury because of the number of people involved, i.e. staff members and partners, the number of students and parents targeted, the long-term impact of this initiative on the development of social and emotional skills, on operating practices, strategies and internal management, and on maintaining the balance and well-being of all.

Estuaire School Service Centre

Secondary Category

The project Peer Helpersfrom the Centre de services scolaires de l'Estuaire in the Côte-Nord region, received an award in the category Secondary for the implementation of an initiative through which young people are at the base of the solutions of help and listening for the benefit of their peers.

Category General Adult Education

The Centre de services scolaires de l'Estuaire received another award in the category General Adult Education with its project An apartment in the schoolThe project has a wider reach than the school. The originality of this initiative, its practicality on life beyond the academic level, the durability of the benefits for the student and the impact on other clienteles served by partners outside the school network have attracted attention.

Draveur School Service Centre

Category Professional training

The project Innovation and adaptation for student learningfrom the Centre de services scolaires des Draveurs in the Outaouais region, received an award in the Professional training. Thanks to this initiative, several technological tools have been used so that vocational training students can continue their training and enter the job market as quickly as possible. This project was particularly noteworthy for its response to the needs of businesses with a shortage of manpower.

Center de services scolaires des Hautes-Rivières

School Service Center Services Category

The Centre de services scolaires des Hautes-Rivières, in the Montérégie region, received an award in the category School Service Centre Services for his project The Great Creative BrouillART. This initiative has been in place for five years and has stood out for its unifying and supportive approach to identity building, overall student development, and a sense of accomplishment for staff.

Laval School Service Centre

The jury's favorite

For its creativity, inclusiveness, internationality and media exposure through five awards, the PROJEXIONfrom the Centre de services scolaires de Laval, caught the attention of the members of the jury committee. The winners received the award The jury's favoritewhich is given on an exceptional basis.

The FCSSQ brings together all the French-language school service centers in Quebec as well as the Centre de services scolaires du Littoral. The school service centers ensure the academic success of more than one million students by providing educational services at the elementary, secondary, vocational and adult education levels. The FCSSQ offers its members services in labour relations, material and information resources, financing, school transportation, vocational training, youth and adult educational services, and training.

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