The individualized modular approach, a winning and inspiring practice

Advertorial | The learning model recommended by the Fondation des AMIs de Vanier and Georges-Vanier high school is defined by the use of the AMI program (individualized modular approach).
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Through Marie-Claude Chayer, teacher at Georges-Vanier high school in Laval and president of the Fondation des AMIs de Vanier

Partners for more than 40 years, the Fondation des AMIs de Vanier and Georges-Vanier high school are distinguished by an educational model advocating the development of autonomy, based on respect for the individual rhythm of each student. This learning model is defined by the use of the AMI (Individualized Modular Approach) program which is part of a process of continuous improvement for all high school students.

Unique educational model applicable in all classes in Quebec

This model favors respect for individual learning capacities and ensures continuous progress for each student. It aims to allow the student to be the project manager of his studies. Thus, the learner plans his work with the help of his teacher who accompanies him in his individualized approach. The student works with learning modules following deadlines agreed with his teachers.

The art of putting the student in action

Since its inception, the Vanier Friends Foundation has distributed its materials in schools across Quebec to thousands of students and teachers to give them the latitude they need. Teachers reserve their time to support their students since they no longer have to schedule class hours online and / or at home. Their students are more successful because they have no shortage of materials and are not waiting for the teacher.

The model applies equally to strong, regular or special education students. The longevity and success of the Foundation is based on the fact that the student is not in reaction, but rather in action in his own learning.


  1. Offer the student personalized educational support and supervised while respecting its rhythm.
  2. Provide the teacher with planning and turnkey equipment, complete, for cover all high school programs.
  3. Favor the module as a learning and teaching tool.
  4. Foster success and the development of autonomy students by diversifying the means of learning allowing optimal development of skills.

New educational era for better learning

The educational material of the Fondation des AMIs de Vanier was used a lot by Georges-Vanier school to organize distance education. Since the start of the pandemic, teaching has changed a lot and this school material creates an opportunity for success in this new era in education.

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