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OTF announces new website to promote parent-teacher relationships

ONTARIO - The Parent Engagement Project, developed by the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF) with funding from the Ministry of Education, is the latest in a series of projects to help teaching staff in the classroom.

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TORONTO, March 24, 2015 / CNW / - The “Parent Engagement” project, developed by the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF) with funding from the Ministry of Education, is the latest in a series of projects aimed at helping teachers in the classroom.

“School is one of the greatest sources of influence in the lives of young people,” says Rian McLaughlin, OTF President. It goes without saying, then, that teachers, parents and guardians should work together to achieve a common goal - the best interests of their students and children. "

" The website, www.engagementdesparents.ca, is intended to be a comprehensive guide to fostering the commitment and collaboration of parents and guardians, adds Ms. McLaughlin. Available in English and French, it includes short capsules, podcasts and practical tips, as well as other useful resources for teachers. "

A support resource, entitled Parent Engagement - Support elementary and secondary school teachers and educators to work with parents and guardians, is also available.

"While these resources are primarily designed for elementary and secondary school teachers, their content will also be useful and informative for anyone working to support student growth and development," McLaughlin concludes. "

The Ontario Teachers' Federation represents the interests of the teaching profession in Ontario and of its 160,000 members. OTF members are full-time, part-time and occasional teachers who work in all schools across the province - elementary, secondary, public, Catholic and Francophone - funded by public funds.

SOURCE Ontario Teachers' Federation

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