Education in the spirit of entrepreneurship at school

Observation of teaching practices over the past 20 years by the OSEntreprendre team has made it possible to identify four intervention levers which, combined with one another, increase the impact on student development. We present them to you here.

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A special collaboration from the OSEntreprendre team

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The entrepreneurial spirit is based on the human ability to dream, to create, to empower oneself, to develop one's skills, to be more autonomous and confident.  

It is no coincidence that more than 7,800 local school workers have adopted this formidable pedagogical approach that is Education in the spirit of entrepreneurship at school! With more than 68,000 participants only in the OSEntreprendre Challenge last year, the relevance cannot be denied. Even as surveys indicate that more than 90 % teachers observe greater perseverance among students, claim to do less classroom management and have more fun teaching! 

Observation of teaching practices over the past 20 years has made it possible to identify four intervention levers which, combined with one another, increase the impact on student development: 

Lever 1: Awareness | "The student witnesses entrepreneurship"  

Examples: Entrepreneurs' week at school, games on qualities, company visit, case study 

Awareness contributes to the entrepreneurial culture, which is reflected in greater risk tolerance, openness to novelty, sensitivity to local purchasing or encouragement of innovators. 

Lever 2: Experimentation | "The student carries out an entrepreneurial project" 

Activity: identify a need, find an idea to solve it and achieve it 

In addition to giving meaning to knowledge (what is it for), experimentation has impacts on the construction of identity (who I am), the feeling of competence (what I am good at), the feeling of belonging (emotional commitment) and, for the older ones, on orientation (which I like to do).  

Lever 3: Radiation | "The student's involvement is highlighted" 

Examples: article in the school newsletter, participation in OSEntreprendre Challenge, certificate delivery 

In addition to contributing to the dynamism of the environment and inspiring other students to take action, recognition makes people aware of their progress and reinforces the relevance of the efforts made. 

Lever 4: Affirmation | "The student asserts his entrepreneurial qualities" 

Examples: student testimony, identity t-shirt, reflection on their skills 

Identifying one's own entrepreneurial qualities is a powerful generator of pride and self-knowledge, which serves students in all spheres of their life.   

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has also updated a budget measure to support Education in the spirit of entrepreneurship at school with his Stream 1, which supports projects initiated by students, and its Stream 2, intended for schools that offer the 4 intervention levers. OSEntreprendre has gathered all the information on its website in order to allow as many young people as possible to benefit from it.  

You too would be moved to see these six-year-old children or teenagers at work empowering themselves to change things. And it really contributes to the academic motivation of all young people, particularly those who leave the framework, the turbulent as well as the dreamers. 

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