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De Marque, a Quebec company, offers teachers a selection of resources geared towards student success. | Infomercial
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For 30 years, schools in Quebec and elsewhere have been able to count on a committed partner who cares about their needs and who offers them quality digital educational resources. De Marque, a Quebec-based company, offers them a selection of resources geared towards student success.

“De Marque has always been close to schools. We work for and with schools. The digital educational resources we offer them are handpicked, approved by our team and easy to use. They are chosen on the basis of their added value, of their potential to contribute to student learning, ”says Barbara Fillion, expert in digital school resources, at De Marque.

The portfolio of digital educational resources, distributed by De Marque, presents reliable sources of information for student work. This portfolio is made up of online dictionaries (The Robert, the Multidictionary of the French language, The visual school dictionary), platforms for science education (The School virtual human body, eduMedia) and media education (The Curious). Edutechno, which offers hundreds of educational activities, interactive exercises, videos and reproducible materials for elementary teachers, completes the offer. 

Available online

Over the past three decades, technologies have evolved enormously, the reality in schools has also changed a lot. Do you remember the educational resources available in CD-ROM format? Those were the days when you absolutely had to go to the school's computer lab to use them with students. 

Today, the entire portfolio of educational resources distributed by De Marque is available as a web subscription. They are accessible from anywhere, anytime. “We have experienced the transformation of the school world, we have also changed. But we are always keen to support teachers in the use of resources with their students, ”says Christine Berthiaume, business development manager at De Marque.

Barbara and Christine are in regular contact with educational institutions. For them, it is the human relationship that takes precedence above all. Listening to needs. Take the time to understand what the school plans to achieve in terms of school projects. Suggest resources that suit educational goals. Then, ensure that resources are used at their fair value, always for the benefit of the students. Training is also offered with each resource. 

Since 1990, Brand operates in the field of publishing and distribution of educational and literary content. Despite the changes that have affected the company over the years, it has always maintained its digital resource distribution activities, signifying its commitment to the school network and solidifying a relationship of trust with teachers. Well established in Canada, France and Italy, the company relies on the strength of an international and multilingual network of more than 1,600 partners in more than 40 countries.

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