Engage young people in virtual debates on the ethics of science

On the occasion of the 79th ACFAS congress, CREO is proud to announce the launch of the SCIENCE EN JEU Scientific Café, beta version.

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On the occasion of the 79th ACFAS congress, CREO is proud to announce the launch of the SCIENCE EN JEU Scientific Café, beta version.

In collaboration with Florence Piron, professor at Laval University specializing in ethics of science, CREO has imagined a unique interactive activity: an online module integrated into the virtual world SCIENCE EN JEU which allows young people to participate in virtual debates on ethics of science. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to transmit critical thinking to young citizens,” says Caroline Julien, president of CREO.

This tool will delight many secondary school teachers who will be able to use it for free as a learning situation. By fall 2011, CREO will launch an educational guide related to four disciplines: French, language of instruction; Ethics and Religious Culture; Science and technology; and History.

To participate, young people create a personalized avatar for themselves free of charge. At the Café Scientifique, a question raises a first debate: to what extent should we remain cautious about innovation, for example to allow ourselves time to assess its impacts on health and society? Each month, from May to September, a new debate will be launched on different themes such as public safety in the face of innovations, the place of values specific to researchers in science, the relationship between science and money, etc. Illustrations / caricatures by cartoonist Jacques Goldstyn serve to open each debate.

This project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as part of its public awareness program. This first part has aroused so much interest that a second phase of the project will begin shortly, which will allow to launch other debates, to add a soundtrack, to extend the debates on other platforms like Facebook and to reach young people in primary school in a shorter and more fun format.

To try it out, go to: http://www.scienceenjeu.ca

CREO produces and disseminates multiplatform and innovative science popularization tools to help its partners improve their education, communication and marketing activities. The company is distinguished by curiosity, rigor, teamwork and originality. By leveraging this body of values, which the team calls its genetic code, CREO achieves innovative, high-quality multiplatform productions. CREO signed creations combine a fascinating and captivating presentation with rigorously validated content. The result: achievements that stimulate the taste for discovery and intelligence. In business since December 2001, CREO collaborates with companies, ministries, museums, sectoral workforce committees, foundations and educational institutions with whom it explores new ways of popularizing science.

GAME SCIENCE adopts the language of young people by taking inspiration from the popular MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games). Young people freely explore this universe according to their interests: health, aeronautics, genomics, international development, environment, engineering, etc., and they interact with their friends via an avatar. In the thematic regions of SCIENCE EN JEU, young people will discover fun games, fascinating information, captivating photos and videos… with a scientific flavor!

Since September 2009, the site has attracted over 100,000 visitors. Attendance is constantly increasing and new content (games, videos, etc.) is added regularly. Innovative and in the image of young people, this is a project that promotes rapprochement between science and young society.

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