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How do young Canadians feel about data and its use by algorithms in the AI era?

The Decoding Algorithms and Data project is a Digital Moment initiative to educate Canadians about how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and data work together to build our shared reality in the digital age. [🤝 Sponsored Feature]
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The Decoding Algorithms and Data project is an initiative of Digital Moment to educate Canadians about how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and data work together to build our shared reality in the digital age. 

The project began as a partnership with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO). It provides ways for youth, educators and parents to start important conversations about data literacy. How empowering or disempowering is the presence and use of data in their digital lives? Are they curious about how data is used?

Why get involved with youth?

Canadian youth are the decision makers of tomorrow. They are absorbing the techno-anxiety of the adults around them, who themselves may not be sure how the algorithms work. Too often, young people are given the message that technology can only be understood by those with advanced skills. Lack of confidence can diminish curiosity, especially among those who are already marginalized and underrepresented. Too many Canadians feel discouraged about their ability to understand data, in an age where smart machines make effective use of data easier and more fun.  

That said, young people also need to learn that AI is not magic, that there are and will always be risks, and that using and creating trustworthy AI is the responsibility of all citizens. Algorithms are increasingly present in our digital lives, but they are often invisible. They can influence the choices we make online and place us in a "preference bubble," filtering search results, video recommendations, or targeted ads. To understand how their digital environment is constructed, it's important to learn more about algorithms by reading, reflecting, and talking with others to understand the different ways they affect our worldview and decisions. 

The Decoding Algorithms and Data project

The goal of the Decoding Algorithms and Data project is to enable young people to exercise critical thinking skills and become aware of their interactions so that they become proactive and creative users rather than passive consumers.

The website features videos designed to spark conversations and better conceptualize how smart machines and AI algorithms work and how we can work with them. In addition, it directs them to educational resources that will help them begin to understand how data can be used to make decisions in the real world. 

For more information, visit the website: https://algorithmliteracy.org/fr/.

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