ChallengeU launches its first high school English acronym

Press Release - The Quebec-based company ChallengeU announces the arrival of the Secondary IV English course on its online education platform for adult dropouts.

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Press Release - Quebec-based company ChallengeU announces the arrival of the 4e secondary school on its online education platform for adult dropouts.

"The arrival of the English 4e This course will allow many students to begin their return to school with this long-awaited subject," explains Marie-Ève Robitaille, ChallengeU's pedagogical director. "The 4e We have been asking for a secondary school for a long time. It is with great pride that we can finally offer it to our student community! The teachers at our partner school service centers dedicated to online learning are excited to help students succeed in this new course.

The 4103-1 logo offer: a logical choice, according to ChallengeU and its partners

ChallengeU put a lot of thought into choosing "4103-1 Expressing Feelings and Opinions" as the first acronym offered to students on the platform:

"In conjunction with our partner school service centers, we decided to offer this acronym first because it requires students to write a short letter, which is something everyone can do. The other two acronyms in the Secondary 4 English course focus on oral communication, which can be more intimidating to students, especially in a second language," says Mr. D' Robitaille.

Although ChallengeU developed its first acronym for the 4e secondary, the work is not yet complete. "We are continuing to work hard to offer all of the acronyms at this level in the coming months," adds Mr. D' Robitaille.

About ChallengeU

Quebec company, ChallengeU offers a complete online distance learning solution that meets the requirements of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education programs. Thanks to the partner school service centers that use ChallengeU's learning platform, the distance learning service is offered to school leavers throughout Quebec.

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