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Mastering the keyboard: unsuspected advantages

Besides the speed of execution, what are the advantages of a good mastery of the keyboard? Several researchers have looked into the question, and their results are astonishing!

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Besides the speed of execution, what are the advantages of a good mastery of the keyboard? Several researchers have looked into the question, and their results are astonishing!

Do your students write better by hand or on the computer? And you ? Besides the speed of execution, what are the benefits of a good mastery of typing on the keyboard? Several researchers have looked into the question, and their results are astonishing! These suggest unsuspected advantages, particularly with regard to the quality of the content of the texts written.

Higher quality content

Using a good typing method allows your students to write faster than by hand, sure, but that's not all! Indeed, it would seem that once trained to type effectively on the keyboard, young people who write on the computer often produce better quality texts than those who write by hand. According to researchers, the cognitive load caused by handwriting would interfere with the composition process, which explains this difference.[1]

Another research group has established that keyboard-mastered students produce higher quality texts than those at the start of their typing training. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that a good typing technique on the keyboard frees up internal resources to improve the performance of related secondary tasks.[2] Thus, thinking and the creative process are not hampered by a perpetual visual search for the keys on the keyboard.

A simplified review process

Writing on the computer allows students with a good command of the keyboard to revise their texts more easily than when they write them by hand. Indeed, thanks to word processing software, editing is simplified: you can copy and paste, move, erase, correct and modify sentences much more easily than on a paper draft. No need to resort to correction fluid or eraser to give free rein to creativity! People who can type while keeping their eyes on the screen would also reread their text more often and edit it more.[3] All the more reason to improve our fingering!


In summary, students with good typing skills would be faster, more productive, read each other more, and be able to perform more brain tasks in parallel than their classmates who did not yet have typing skills. The importance of teaching the typing method in schools therefore no longer needs to be demonstrated.

We therefore invite you to use the application Tap'Touch in class to quickly improve your students' typing technique. They will thus develop a skill that has now become essential thanks to this simple and effective method proven by millions of users around the world. This acquisition, although progressive, will allow them to concentrate more on the quality and the richness of their compositions. Don't wait any longer, discover Tap'Touch right now !

References :

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[2] Johansson, R., Wengelin, A., Johansson, V., & Holmqvist, K. (2009). Looking at the keyboard or the monitor: relationship with text production processes. Springer23(7), 835–851.

[3] Ibidem.

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