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Here are some examples of prototype applications developed within the framework of Technovation Montréal's programs. Some of them even have functionalities that can already be used. Several of them have been recognized during the Technovation international competition.


Developed by Adelina Badea and Lina Mani (Jacques-Rousseau High School)

Safeplace is an application aimed at helping women who are victims of domestic violence to escape their toxic homes in the Greater Montreal area. The application features a map of shelters located in this territory, a messaging service to speak with domestic violence professionals and a resource section to get more information. 

"We believe our simple solution can transform traditional methods of exiting an abusive relationship into a safer and more convenient option."

Video presentation (pitch) : 

Video demonstration:


Semi-finalist at the 2021 international competition

Developed by Katerina Bitsanis (Charlemagne College) and Katyuska Diaz Salazar (Laval International School) 

Covika aims to centralize information about COVID-19 and present it in a clear and simple manner. The application includes a general information page, a list of nearby hospitals and testing centers, and a self-assessment questionnaire. There is also a page with restrictions in the user's area and another page with information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Video presentation (pitch) :  

Video demonstration:


Developed by Rui Ying Li and Agnès Hage-Chehine (Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf) 

Buoyansea is a mental wellness mobile app for students and young adults. Tools such as a water and sleep tracker, gratitude journal, and personal goal list help users track their habits and organize their lives, promoting their mental health.

Video presentation (pitch) :

Video demonstration:


*Jury's Technology Pick of the year in the senior category at the 2021 regional competition

Developed by Celia Shi, Angela Lin and Alison Quach (Holy Name of Mary Residential School)

SPECTRUM is an educational mobile adventure game that raises awareness of the impacts of our actions on the environment. It offers easy-to-understand information while encouraging users to think ethically about their actions and make changes to their habits. Each chapter addresses a topic, such as digital pollution or fast fashion.

Video presentation (pitch) :

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