Call for papers for the CIRT @ colloquium

The CIRT @ expects communication proposals no later than May 1 for its annual conference! A bridge between practice and research.

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The CIRT @ expects communication proposals no later than May 1 for its annual conference! A bridge between practice and research.

The Community for Innovation and Research on Technologies in Teaching / Learning (CIRT @) expects communication proposals no later than 1er May for its annual conference held on October 10 and 11, 2017 at UQAM.

Under the theme Digital technology to open the classroom walls to the world, this colloquium seeks precisely to glimpse the possibilities of teaching and learning when the classroom walls open up to the world thanks to digital technology.

Due to the reduction of the boundaries between the virtual world and the physical classroom, the articulation between presence and distance is in fact becoming more and more blurred and learning activities need to be rethought.

Through openness and collaboration, those interested will be able to share enriching experiences ranging from preschool level to higher education or continuing education to teaching in a professional context.

Diversified, the communication proposals can touch emerging technologies, pedagogical approaches, learning through play, pedagogical engineering, pedagogical foundations as well as methodology.

Our communication framework must be between 900 and 1100 words long and must be submitted in pdf or word version at link indicated on the website of the conference of the CIRT @.

In addition, a special session on e-evaluation will be offered by Ms. Diane Leduc while another on active approaches with digital technology will be given by Anastassis Kozanitis.

For more information, contact the managers Alain Stockless or Benjamin Lille.

The mission

The objective of CIRTA is to promote networking of experts, researchers, professionals and graduate students so that research and innovation related to teaching and learning using technologies are advancing.

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