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Alloprof is interested in the needs of teachers

Alloprof offers a daily boost to teachers in Quebec by offering them free tools and support meeting the needs of students and parents. - Infomercial
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By the Alloprof team

The last few months have passed under the sign of adaptation. Class closures brought their share of challenges. In order to help students and parents get through this period of change, Alloprof has improved its offer by offering new tools to facilitate distance learning. For example, the organization has designed a collection of essential concepts by subject and level for the primary and The secondary, which lists worksheets, exercises or videos to review them. Anxious to support teachers in the province as much as possible, Alloprof a new version of its website, which now offers a more efficient and mobile experience, as well as a Teachers Zone completely revisited. This space gives access to the best content of Alloprof and brings together all of the organization's news. Also, the site presents a wide range of relevant tools to use at different times of the school year. Moreover, by subscribing to Alloprof newsletter, you will have the chance to win 500$, valid in the library of your choice.

"Alloprof offers tips that can help us vary the teaching strategies and practical tips"

Marie-Hélène, elementary school teacher in Rimouski

Practical tools to overcome difficulties

Since the start of the pandemic, many students have encountered challenges. In this context, some work or new learning is the source of difficulties that should not be overlooked. To help students deal with them, you can suggest that they consult a teacher about the Cyberprofs, through phone or by text, Monday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The forums, accessible at all times, also offer explanations verified by a teacher in less than 24 hours.

"Pandemic or not, Alloprof's direct services remain parents' best allies when it comes to homework"

Annie, mother of three children

To encourage students to consolidate their learning, you can suggest exercises among the 600 available on the Alloprof website. The site also contains a Play area and near 500 videos designed to summarize the concepts that most often pose a problem for students. Learn more about Alloprof by watching this video intended for teachers or by visiting the website.

Remember that last year, the organization helped nearly 460,000 students, 47 million times! Do not hesitate to share your ideas to improve their services by completing this form.

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