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2nd edition of TEDx Wilfrid-Bastien: a breath of inspiration for teachers

On February 28, in Montreal, the second edition of TEDx Wilfrid-Bastien took place, an evening of conferences in French devoted to education and innovative ideas. First part of our return to this unmissable event.

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On February 28, in Montreal, the second edition of TEDx Wilfrid-Bastien took place, an evening of conferences in French devoted to education and innovative ideas. First part of our return to this unmissable event.

More than one hundred participants were present to attend six 18-minute lectures, presented in bursts during an evening orchestrated by teacher Pierre Poulin and his team. Here is the summary of the words of these speakers who were able to inspire the audience in a remarkable way.

It was the team of the Canada Research Chair in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education, which started the ball rolling by presenting the survey results conducted with 6,057 students and 302 teachers in Quebec about the uses, advantages and challenges of using the iPad at school. Among the 23 advantages mentioned, it should be noted that focusing on teacher training would guarantee a more educational use of this tool. Under these conditions, the iPad allows students to develop their creativity and collaborate better.

Afterwards, teacher, editor and author of children's literature Yves Nadon presented his thoughts on teaching reading and writing at the start of elementary school. It is from authentic texts of his students that he spoke of the importance of taking into account their knowledge, even at the beginning of the 1time year, to build their scripting skills. Mr. Nadon demonstrated that writing must be taught in a specific way, that it is important to devote a lot of time to it and that by acting as a mentor and model, the teacher has a key role to play. in this learning. A winning practice, according to him, is to leave several books and albums within reach of students at all times.

Patrick L'Heureux, head of preschool and primary education services at the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FÉEP), continued. In a confident tone, he began his performance with a quote from William Butler Yeats: “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire”. Resolutely listening to boys to promote their success, he has made it his hobbyhorse since his arrival at the FÉEP. It was, among other things, by mentioning the boys' need to be active at school and to have the feeling of taking up challenges that he was able to challenge the audience. In closing, he underlined the fact that those responsible for the libraries of schools and classes must take into account the tastes of boys in literature in order to encourage them to read.

To be continued tomorrow for the summary of the following conferences.

About the Author

Brigitte Léonard
Brigitte Leonard
Brigitte Léonard teaches elementary cycle 1 at Campus Mont-Tremblant, at the CS des Laurentides. Passionate about the world of technology and recognized as an “Apple Distinguished Teacher” (ADE), she shares her discoveries and work on her blog: http://brigitteprof.brigitteleonard.com

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