(Discover #Edteq) French is a martial art, J'accorde is your dojo.

Why not offer my students a simple and fun little tool to work on past participles on their iPad ?, asks a French teacher in first secondary in 2013. Some time later, the J'accorde app was created.

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Why not offer my students a simple and fun little tool to work on past participles on their iPad?, wonders, in 2013, Sophie Gagnon-Roberge, a French teacher in first secondary. She takes Antoine van Eetvelde, creator of educational apps, into the project and, together, they imagine I grant.

Thousands of exercises to become a tongue ninja

After the past participles (hence the name), the application takes off and turns into a digital French exercise book, gradually enriching itself with new subjects and additional exercises, while keeping the spirit of start: offer continuous texts that have meaning and can interest and amuse students from time to time.

Today, more than 6,000 interactive questions populate the application screens and the collection is constantly growing.

A dojo also at the service of the sensei

Quickly, the designer duo imagined going beyond the simple individual exercise book and wanted to build a tool that would be as useful to teachers as to their students.

In addition to the basic notebook, which allows students to do exercises and see their results automatically corrected, teachers can assign exercises individually or to a group, then follow them in detail. the progress of each student and to measure the performance of a group for a given exercise, all of which allow them to better understand what their students' difficulties are and to be able to adapt their teaching.

And things will not stop there since the team is working on several new features: possibility for teachers to add comments in corrected exercises, new skin for older children and module for creating exercises, to name only the most advanced.

The dojo isn't just for tech black belts!

You worry that you may not be tech-savvy enough to use I grant? Do not be afraid! Its intuitive interface allows the student and the teacher to navigate without worrying.

  1.  Assign missions

In a few clicks, the teacher gives his students a mission to do, in class or at home.

  1.   Do the exercise

The student does the exercise from their computer, tablet or smartphone. To connect, he only needs his username and password.

  1.   Track results 

The exercises are corrected on the spot and the student can see his mistakes. More difficult exercises have explanatory feedback, allowing the student to understand how to achieve the correct result. The results are automatically sent to the teacher.

  1.   Analyze trends

At a glance, the teacher can identify the strengths of his group and, conversely, the elements where comprehension is less good.

The dojo keeper listening to users

Since the beginning of the adventure, the team of I grant listens to the requests of its users. It is at the request of the teachers that the material of the application will soon cover the concepts of the 4e primary year to middle secondary.

Do you have other ideas for I grant a better tool for your students? Do not hesitate to contact his team, always ready to take up the challenges!

To pursue I grant:

Website : jaccorde.com
Twitter: twitter.com/jaccorde
Facebook : www.facebook.com/jaccorde

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