A new publication for the Lab-École: Thinking about the yard of tomorrow

Press release - After having thought about the school of tomorrow, the Lab-École team is proposing a new publication entitled Penser la cour de demain. This book is the result of collaboration with many experts, including children.

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Press release - After having thought about the school of tomorrow, the Lab-École team is proposing a new publication entitled Penser la cour de demain. This book is the result of collaboration with many experts, including children.

As the main users of the schoolyard, listening to their wishes, their needs and their dreams appeared essential to the Lab-École team, which thus developed a philosophy and a design approach for the “At the height of the schoolyard”. 'child'.

Assuming that a school without a courtyard is not a school, Thinking about the yard of tomorrow is a continuation of Thinking about the school of tomorrow, a work published in 2019.

The new publication give children a voice: through exploded drawings, lively discussions, storms of ideas, these mini-experts have expressed some 251 wishes for their dream yard.

In pictures
In my dream yard, there would be ... 
In words
What if we listened to the children?

At child height

“Adults should listen to children's opinions for the court. Because the adults aren't the ones playing in the yard. "

This quote from a schoolgirl opens the post and invites adults - schoolyard designers, policy makers, school administrators, material resources departments, parents, and more. - put on children's glasses to see the yard from the students' perspective.

The objectives of the publication

Thinking about the yard of tomorrow aims to raise awareness, make people dream, inspire and equip stakeholders in the education sector to create schoolyards that meet the aspirations of students.

Throughout the 230 pages of this publication, the Lab-École shows that there are as many ideal courses as there are schools in Quebec. There is no single model since each courtyard has its own characteristics: its configuration, its context (urban, semi-urban, rural), its components, its functions, its different spaces, etc.

To this end, the chapter entitled “The toolbox” highlights the universe of possibilities for designing and furnishing a courtyard where children's pleasure is increased tenfold.

Between games, nature and learning 

According to the Lab-École, the yard of tomorrow offers a rich and varied environment: dining areas, vegetable gardens where the child gardens, play areas that contribute to the development of motor and social skills, but also places of freedom, of challenges, of nature, of rest, of contemplation.

The courtyard is also a good place for learning. In this sense, Thinking about the yard of tomorrow is an invitation to design arrangements that promote teaching from the outside.

Recognize the importance of the schoolyard

During his school career, from Kindergarten 4 to Grade 6, a child spends nearly 3,000 hours in the schoolyard in which he experiences 1001 Adventures, discovers socialization and explores his emotions. 

But the courtyard takes on an importance that goes beyond the school: it is the heart of a community, where young and old alike meet outside of school hours, a place where the social fabric is expressed. 

It is also the link between the neighborhood and the school: even before his first steps in school, before discovering his class, the child explores the courtyard. It is the access route to knowledge, to school, this key to life. This is why, according to the Lab-École, the court deserves to become the object of all attention.

Words of children, words of experts

The new publication was unveiled publicly in the offices of the Lab-École, fitted out for the occasion in the spirit of the court of tomorrow. The discussion was broadcast live on the Lab-École's Facebook page and can be viewed later.

Thinking the yard of tomorrow is available in digital version on the Lab-École website.

The Lab-École is financially supported by the Ministry of Education.

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