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There are many ways to get homework help on the Internet. However, it is impossible to address this facet without speaking from the outset of Allô prof, who has responded to 2.5 million requests from parents and students in Quebec for 15 years, including 1.5 million only last year. , thanks to the various technological tools made available to students.

Story of a success story

The service Hello teacher is one of the pioneers in Quebec in terms of homework help. When it opened in 1996, it was a telephone help line, but the advent of the Internet changed the initial project. The canvas first played a role of showcase for Allô prof. “We mainly announced the existence of the telephone service,” explains Marc-Antoine Tanguay, director of communications. But students began to use the comments section to ask questions. "

At the turn of the 2000s, Allô prof introduced an e-mail service, with a promise of a response in 24 hours, which led to the creation of the cornerstone of the service: the virtual library. Pupils thus have access, 24 hours a day, to 1,200 explanatory sheets that can help them in most subjects. Immense teamwork, since each student who used Allô prof has somehow contributed to producing this tool through the relevance of their questions.

The site also allows you to watch video clips showing concepts that can be easily explained visually. There is also a forum, which allows students to help each other, where the concepts are cross-checked by teachers working at Allô prof. “This service is widely used, but it is the only one that is losing ground. The data is no longer necessarily up to date, and we are working to modernize it, ”explains Mr. Tanguay.

Currently, 55 teachers work there between 3 and 12 hours per week each. The organization wants to increase to 80 teachers during the year. Notice to interested parties ...

Little data is available on Allô prof users. The only information that students must provide is the school board attended, which determines that 35 % requests come from the Montreal area, followed by Montérégie (11 %) and Quebec (6 %). Some 65 % requests concern mathematics, 15 % French and 11 % science.

SOS Homework

The Ville de Montréal library network offers a tab on its website SOS Homework, allowing students to learn a little more about different research topics. Depending on the theme chosen, the tool suggests relevant books and DVDs to the child, suggests keywords to complete a web search, as well as links to websites. A wealth of information for the curious! Set up in May 2010, this service has around 300 visits per day during school periods.

Help on social media

It is well known that social media is a bonanza to grab the attention of young people. A French site offers since this year help through Facebook. The initiative, which is still in its infancy, allows the virtual homework assistance organization to get in touch with its Facebook “subscribers” by distributing information capsules. It's too early to tell if this attempt will pay off, but it's still worth following the trend.

Moreover, Hello prof is also present on Facebook and also broadcasts capsules on Youtube! And that's without counting the help that young people can get simply by asking their Facebook “friends”. Twitter can also be useful as demonstrated by a experience in a first secondary class at Rochebelle school Last year.

A mine of sites

For its part, Carrefour education provides students with a simplified search tool allowing them to find sites on different subjects. The latter also allows, by a few keywords, to access the help capsules of Allô Prof, a bank of royalty-free images as well as a multitude of sites for exercising the students' neurons. A good address to keep in your favorites!

In France

Who says retired people can't help younger kids when it comes to schoolwork? Certainly not the people from cyberpapy.com, a French site that allows older people to provide free help to students in a friendly way (in the form of a forum), but supervised (presence and supervision of moderators). Registration is compulsory and anonymous for all users, who thus undertake to respect a fairly strict netiquette. In particular, this prohibits the publication of personal data and discussions beyond the academic subject. The tutors' mandate is not to give ready-made answers, but rather to encourage the student to reflect by transmitting relevant working methods.

The site cyberprof.com offers many homework assistance services. The European organization also offers to correct school work, whether it is a first reading once it is completed, or to help the student's progress during production. The service is chargeable, and can in no way be used for the complete correction of the assignment. It is rather "to initiate an educational exchange", mentions the site.

French site VosQuestionsdeParents.fr can also be of interest to parents who are looking for tools to help their offspring. Every age group is covered, even preschool. It includes reading suggestions, exercises and relevant search links on the web.

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