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On the night of May 18 to 19, a plane belonging to the airline EgyptAir crashed into the sea. Pilotage error, mechanical failure or attack?

“The Airbus A320 was making the Paris-Cairo route with 66 people (including 15 French) on board during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, and suddenly disappeared from radar around 2:30 am. All the assumptions remain examined, even if the Egyptian authorities evoked the “probability of a terrorist attack” as of Thursday. […] The first debris found from the plane is a "human limb, two seats and one or more suitcases", announced the Greek government. Three French investigators from the BEA are in Cairo and await the possible discovery of the black boxes in order to participate in the safety investigation. "

Source: OBS

“EgyptAir evokes a signal received two hours after the disappearance of the plane, possibly emitted by an automatic beacon. Information subsequently refuted by the Egyptian army, including a spokesperson wrote on Facebook that no such message was received. "

Source: OBS

The following activities will provide a better understanding of the impacts of this air disaster.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Understand the events surrounding the plane crash;
- Know the main plane accidents of recent years;
- Understand the consequences of air disasters and other attacks on the Egyptian economy.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Flight MS804

Using this item, have students answer the questions presented in the following file:

Download the file in Word format (.docx)
Download the file in PDF format
Download the answers

ACTIVITY 2: From Malaysia Airline to Egypt Air

The last few years have been marked by several "disappearances" of planes.

Using the article following, ask students to complete the table below and then locate these air disasters on a map (Use BatchGeo or other to do this):

Download the file in Excel format (.xlsx)
Download the response file in Excel format (.xlsx)

The map should look like this one.

ACTIVITY 3: Egypt and terrorism

Since the 2011 revolution, the Egyptian economy has suffered from the fear of tourists in the face of the uncertainty that hangs over this country.

Using this reportage, ask the pupils if they think that the Egyptians are right to worry about the economic fallout of the various "attacks" perpetrated on their territory?

  • Are tourists' travel "plans" influenced by the attacks? (Paris, Brussels, etc.)
  • Is Egypt partly responsible for what is happening to it? Is it normal that tourists have concerns about their safety when they find themselves in Egyptian territory?
  • How could Egypt restore confidence to tourists?
  • What is the future of the Egyptian tourist economy if nothing is done to improve the situation?

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