Teachers' Week 2023

Teachers' Week is February 5-11, 2023 and the theme is "Every day we measure the importance of your role!" Here are some of the messages that have been sent to teachers for the occasion.

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Teachers' Week is February 5-11, 2023 and the theme is "Every day we measure the importance of your role!" Here are some of the messages that have been sent to teachers for the occasion.

Created in 1994, Teachers' Week is held every year in early February. It is intended to pay tribute to the teachers of Quebec.

From the Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, and the Minister of Higher Education, Pascale Déry

"The role of teachers is essential to the development of our youth. Their work goes far beyond imparting a love of learning. Every day, they teach and care for our youth. They make sure that our young people become better and that they have the desire to excel. I congratulate you and thank you for choosing to make a career in education. It is all of Quebec that is grateful to you."

Bernard Drainville, Minister of Education

"You do remarkable work with our young people and today I would like to highlight your invaluable contribution to the economic and social development of Quebec. Teaching is a noble, exciting and demanding profession. It is important to recognize your efforts and dedication to academic success. I would like to take this opportunity to salute the students in the faculties of education of all Quebec universities. You are the next generation of students.

Pascale Déry, Minister of Higher Education

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On behalf of the Fédération des centers de services scolaires du Québec

"Every day, teachers work with young people with fervor, professionalism and kindness. They implement educational practices that enrich their students' academic careers, they deploy learning strategies that meet their students' needs, they develop their full potential, they promote their well-being and support their academic perseverance and success. I sincerely thank them for helping to build a generation of students who are fulfilled and well prepared for the future."

Caroline Dupré, President and CEO of the FCSSQ

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From the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec

"Teachers are critical allies in the success of our children. Thank you for contributing to the development of our students and our society! As parents, it is important to maintain the collaboration with the teaching staff to better accompany our young people.

Kévin Roy, President of the FCPQ

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From the Federation of Teachers' Unions

"Every day, teachers work to shape the Quebec of tomorrow. They spare no effort to accompany their students towards success and give them tools to help them overcome the challenges they will face throughout their lives. For this and more, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Josée Scalabrini, President of the ESF-QHC

"For the past decade, teachers have been subjected to the effects of results-based management, which is often used as a pretext to compare the performance of institutions and even of individual teachers. Teachers are now governed by numbers and statistics without regard for their expertise and professional autonomy. Whether it is the policy of non-repetition, the lowering of requirements, the pressure to modify grades and impose so-called "probative" pedagogical practices, the list of failings of this type of management is long. When we are told to 'measure' the importance of our role every day, the message leaves a bitter taste!"

Brigitte Bilodeau, first vice-president of the ESF-QHC and responsible for pedagogical issues

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