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By Maxime Laflamme



If you want turnkey, original PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations that are also suitable for various educational purposes, you must go to the SlidesMania website. There are over 250 free templates to download in PPTX (PowerPoint) format or open using Google Slides. You can then modify them as you wish. There are agendas, escape games or board games, portfolios, educational activities of all kinds, planners and so much more ..

18 free templates, the others are paid

Wordwall is the easy way to create your own learning resources. Are you looking for a solution so your students can practice through your content while adding a touch of interactivity? Wordwall may well follow your needs. In a few clicks, you can choose from 43 different templates, insert your subject and share it with your students. Crosswords, quizzes, mazes, flash cards, brainstorms, anagrams… the array of choices will spoil you and make your exercises more fun and more motivating than ever!
Free basic version and a paid pro version

Wizer.Me is a platform for creating worksheets or teaching-learning sequences. Insert videos, audio tracks, images and several types of interactive questions to promote active instruction. Then share them via Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams with a single click. Wizer.Me will save you time thanks to its automatic correction system, in addition to giving you the possibility of providing feedback with personalized comments on each digital copy. Wizer.Me is also a community of teachers who share their educational resources and help each other with a common goal: to promote the success of all students.

Deck Toys
Free basic version and a paid pro version is a web platform through which you can create games using your own content. Each activity is linked and follows one after the other, similar to the levels you complete in a Mario Bros.-style video game. You can easily insert slideshows with different types of interactions (multiple choice, voting, short or long answer, drawing or annotation) and fun activities (memory games, association, crosswords and puzzles). Want to gamify your teaching? Try and help your students enjoy wonderful educational adventures. There's a Mario or a Princess Peach inside each of us!


App Store, Google Play, Web
Free on the web, $4.99 per month for the mobile app

TinyTap is a platform for the creation and dissemination of interactive activities for primary and secondary students. There is an extensive library of content categorized by topic, age, and language. The principle of creation is quite simple: you import and create your images, then add interactive elements such as video, audio and questions. You will be able to quickly create your interactive material (puzzles, quizzes, interactive images, presentations, digital books, photo albums, textbooks, etc.) by integrating the desired concepts into a fun environment within the reach of all your students. It's simple, accessible, versatile and enables sharing, which should make you want to try TinyTap next Monday… or even before!

AR-kid: Space

App Store, Google Play

AR-kid: Space is an application that uses augmented reality to help youngsters discover space and the history of its exploration in an innovative, fun and immersive way. Cosmo the robot-guide accompanies the student at each step of the way to explain the essential things to learn and make them want to learn more about what makes up our planet, but also the moon, the sun, the satellites and the entire solar system . It's an engaging and immersive application, ideal to help people enjoy science from elementary school onwards!


App Store, Google Play, Web

Edmodo is a social learning platform for students, teachers and parents. It works very well on Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams because of its simplicity and its large sharing community. You can save time with this platform as you can centralize all the tools required to help learn. Edmodo makes learning easy, no matter where you are in the world, with its systems for sending messages, sharing content, tracking tasks, digital tool integration and communication with parents. Edmodo is also millions of resources created by teachers, for teachers. Go on, why not try Edmodo? 

Khan Academy Kids

App Store, Google Play

Khan Academy Kids is a fun learning environment for children in preschool to primary school, grade two. There is a classroom management system for the teacher, and hundreds of turnkey activities, books, videos, games and much more interactive content for younger people to work on reading, writing and mathematics, while encouraging creativity and the development of socio-emotional skills. We fell in love with the personalized learning paths that adapt to the student's strengths and challenges, creating an individualized experience for everyone! If you already like Khan Academy, you'll love Khan Academy Kids!

App Store, Google Play, Web
Free version and paid pro subscription

Memrise is the language learning tool that all students want on their mobile device. No less than 12 languages are taught there, in three easy steps. 1: Learn everyday words and phrases with the help of the intelligent system that adapts to the student's needs, keeping them motivated while they learn at their own pace. 2: Immerse yourself in the language and build your ability to understand it in a real context with thousands of audio and video clips recorded by real native speakers. 3: Find the confidence to express yourself. The student therefore gets several opportunities to speak the language, without worrying about getting everything right on the first try. Grazie e buone scoperte!

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