A whole issue about #ProfDev

(V1-1) Kickstarting your Professional Development

Vol. 1, issue 1 - Fall 2021

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From the Editor's Desk

It's a Start!

Wow! This is the very first regular issue of EngagED Learning magazine, the new English edition of our renowned magazine L’École branchée. We are thrilled that this project is finally coming to fruition. We are also proud to contribute to supporting and enhancing the English-speaking educational community—just as we have enjoyed doing on the French side for the past 25 years!

Who are we?

For those who know little or nothing about us, let us introduce ourselves. We are a non-profit media organization and our mission, since 1996, is to accompany educational stakeholders in the development of their professional expertise in the digital age to promote educational success. Our vision is that of an evolving education, which has the requisite expertise to meet the diverse needs of today's youth to foster their success and development.

As an education media in the digital age, our team develops and maintains an independent network for initiatives from across the education ecosystem to meet to:
  • Promote the development and appropriation of current pedagogical and educational practices, particularly through digital technology
  • Enhance the value of education, school, and the teaching profession

    We are guided daily by:
  • Leadership: It allows us to believe in our full human potential, that which urges us to act per one's values, think outside the box, and be fulfilled.
  • Creativity: It enables us to think further ahead, dream, and take the time to let an idea develop—even if, initially, it seems far-fetched. We embrace the fact that this idea will evolve into something meaningful.
  • Innovation: It pushes us to try, make mistakes, adjust, and start over— all while moving forward; innovation propels us to take those first, unique steps at the right time.

    However, if there is only one thing to remember, it is that we believe the challenges of teaching in the digital age are first and foremost overcome through a profoundly humane approach.

    About the magazine

    The magazine is published three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring. Subscribers have access to the publication in French and English in digital format, as well as exclusive online content. Print copies are also available. Schools can take advantage of the subscription option for their entire staff! All details on

    Undertaking your professional development #ProfDev

    Undertaking professional development is now part of the professional obligations of teachers in Québec. It is also already the case in other parts of the world, notably in Ontario and France. While it may be easy to find reasons for not doing so (lack of time, busy work schedule, etc.), it is still a habit worth adopting to save time, make life easier, and always better stimulate student engagement. Besides, training doesn't have to be complicated!

    The Quebec Education Act recognizes several types of activities as part of professional development, such as reading specialized books (EngagED Learning magazine is one of them!), attending conferences and training courses organized internally and by external partners (such as the many events that occur throughout the school year), professional learning communities, etc. There is something for everyone, whether in person or remotely, live or recorded, to read or to experience, at your own pace or guided by a facilitator...

    Since we naturally consider ourselves to be a partner in professional development in education, we have made it the main theme of this issue. We hope that reading it will guide you in setting up your training program this year by introducing you to various resources and ideas for addressing this now essential aspect of the profession.

    Did you know?

    Subscribers to the digital format also have access to the French version of the magazine, in which they will find two exclusive articles: Un pas de plus vers toi - Guider les jeunes vers les bons services pour eux and 5 postures à privilégier pour une pédagogie active.

    Happy reading, and happy new year under the banner of professional development!

    Audrey Miller

    Martine Rioux
    Managing Editor

  • September 2021 – Vol. 1 issue 1

    Myra Auvergnat-Ringuette, Marie-France Boulay, Craig Bullett, Jacques Cool, Laurie Couture, Tom Daccord, Maxime Laflamme, Audrey Lambert, Audrey Miller, Matt Miller, Maxime Pelchat, Marie-Claude Rancourt, Martine Rioux, Kate Whalen.

    Audrey Miller

    Managing Editor
    Martine Rioux

    Development Director
    Stéphanie Dionne

    Tracey-Lee Batsford, Audrey Miller

    Additional Proofreading
    Maryline Barrette-Dubé

    Graphic Design
    Marie-Michèle Bouchard-Roussin, Kate-Lyn Lapointe (EMBLÈME Communication)



    Legal Deposit 3rd trimester 2021
    Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
    Library and Archives Canada
    ISSN 2564-2510 (Print)
    ISSN 2564-2529 (Online)

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    In which professional development activities do Québec teachers participate?

    A study carried out among 708 Québec teachers designed to address the lack of information about the nature of professional development (PD) activities in which they participate made it possible to draw some very interesting findings. This report summarizes them and enables us to take stock of the characteristics supported by research of so-called effective PD activities, in addition to learning about avenues of intervention to be considered to promote teachers’ participation in their continuous professional development. 

    Taking a break to move forward – An approach to help you plan your professional development more effectively

    Even within a united team, each teacher is unique, and has their own way of seeing their class and, above all, their way of envisioning it, of guiding it. In order to meet your personal and professional aspirations, it’s important to stop, think and take time ”to align your #profdev”. Consistency is indeed a recognized feature of effective professional development. Here’s a reflection path that can support those who wish to better structure their professional development.

    EngagED Learning Magazine

    EdTech Teacher

    What forms of professional development can be promoted in your community?

    The team at CADRE21 has developed a professional development matrix that enables different stakeholders to identify a variety of forms of support, while respecting their communities’ existing conditions and organizational culture. This aspect appears vital: when it comes to professional development, each setting’s conditions will often dictate the level of individual or collective commitment. 

      Let’s Think About It!

    Inspiring quotes suggested by Myra, a primary school teacher. She also shares her mantra for the school year.

    10 questions to consider to level-up your teaching

    In the heat of a school year, there's a LOT on teachers' to-do lists. Lesson planning. Grades. Emails. Meetings. Oh, and we have to teach, too! But sometimes, it’s necessary to do some big-picture thinking. We can reflect on and plan for bigger goals, plans, and strategies than we can feasibly in the heat of a school year. If you're ready to level up your teaching, here are some questions to consider.

      Professional development: at the heart of École secondaire Vanier’s digital transformation

    École secondaire Vanier, located in a disadvantaged area in Québec City, has about 350 students. Yet on the inside, there’s nothing small or underprivileged! And here’s why. 

    Turn obligation into opportunity

    Recently, because of the pandemic, school administrators quickly had to implement action plans to support teacher training, particularly in connection with digital skills. The new school year provides a great opportunity for leaders to keep this learning approach alive, one that we’ve all had to experience for over a year now, in spite of ourselves. How can a management act now, and how can it influence the continuation of this professional development process among its teachers?

    How to Knit: A Template for Digital Competency

    The LEARN Pedagogical Services team, with some local RÉCIT collaborators, have been throwing around ideas to better understand the Digital Competency Framework (DCF). They have been drilling down into the 12 dimensions and trying to articulate their place within respective subject areas. it applies to a hobby, craft or leisure activity. Here's one example.

    Beginners 101: How to confront and overcome the discomfort of starting something new

    Beginning something new and confronting new circumstances requires us to bear the discomfort of being a beginner. It necessitates experiential learning—any learning that happens when we intentionally consider our experience to be a source for a potential lesson. Research insights into how students learn through experience can benefit anyone who is facing the discomfort of new learning.

    Shaping Meaningful Professional Learning with Technology

    In a flash, COVID-19 forced a dramatic shift in teaching and learning. Schools pivoted to remote instruction and educators quickly immersed themselves in educational technology—willing or not. Schools scrambled to adjust to this new educational environment and many teachers struggled to forge effective teaching environments online. However, many teachers seized the opportunity to learn more about educational technology and to rethink the student learning process.

    Our Favourites: Explore Apps and Websites Ideas

    Discover or re-discover various apps and sites ideas!

    Final Mark: How educational leaders can actually change the system, according to Michael Fullan

    Why are some leaders successful and others not? This is the big question Ontario researcher Michael Fullan tries to answer in his work, and he has several answers! Here are a few from a recent conference for school administrators, which we attended. 

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