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Well-being, a lever for learning… even at a distance - Word from the editor

As parents, how can you guide your child in his learning when he is at home? How to contribute to his motivation, how to help him to get involved in his work? L'École branchée presents its special Family issue.

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Already filled with twists and turns, the lives of several families have been completely turned upside down over the past year. Yes, it will soon be a year since everything changed. Reorganization of family activities, arrangement of workspace at home, change in routine, increase in the time spent on screens by family members, the pandemic has brought its share of challenges and, despite the passing months, these remain numerous.

After a period of uncertainty, distance education has spread and is continuing for a large number of young people. In the media, there was a lot of talk about the school environment, which had to adapt to the situation. Families also had to review their daily life in order to adjust it to the new school reality. Hybrid education, attendance at school every other day, confinement, closing of classes, distance education for all at certain times of the year: these methods will remain for the months to come.

The increased use of digital technology raises many concerns, but certainly offers the possibility of developing many skills and competences. Distance education becomes a source of stress, but also represents an opportunity to get back to basics in child-teacher, parent-child, parent-teacher relationships. There is undoubtedly beauty to discover and a world of possibilities to create in today's environment, which will allow you to stay positive.

As parents, how can you guide your child in his learning when he is at home? How to contribute to his motivation, how to help him to get involved in his work? How to collaborate more with its teachers? But above all, how to keep morale to get through this troubled period?

It is by sharing a common vision with the Federation of Quebec Parents 'Committees (FCPQ) and the Association of Anglophone Parents' Committees (ACPA) that the École branchée team has mobilized to offer you a number that is intended to be a true guide to family survival in this time of pandemic. Because we must first accept the new reality, let go of the elements beyond our control, pay particular attention to the well-being of each one (and his own first) ... In short, let's create conditions favorable to the maintenance of family balance (you know… a healthy mind in a healthy body?) so that we can then promote distance learning in children and adolescents.

We hope this issue will help you create new benchmarks, better master the workings of distance education, and become more comfortable in the current situation. It is also part of a series of support tools resulting from the will of the FCPQ and APCA which are available free of charge: parents.quebec

Please note! The English translation of this text is automated - Errors (sometimes hilarious!) can creep in! ;)

* This text is a reproduction of the Word of the editorial 'published in the special Family issue of the magazine École branchée, published in the winter of 2021. Download this free issue, in French or in English.

About the Author

Martine Rioux
Martine Rioux
After studying public communication, Martine worked as a journalist for various publications, before pursuing her career as an interactive communications consultant at La Capitale, a financial group, then at Québec Numérique, an organization she took over as general manager before making the jump. as political advisor in the office of the Minister for Digital Government Transformation. Today she is the online Editor-in-Chief and Special Projects Manager at l'École branchée. Her dream: that everyone has access to technology and can use it as a tool for learning and opening up to the world.

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