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Helping children to understand the world is the challenge given by Angèle Delaunois, responsible for Éditions de l'Isatis.

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Helping children understand the world is the challenge that Angèle Delaunois, responsible for Isatis editions.

And like the Isatis, the polar fox who represents the publishing house, Angèle Delaunois wants children to develop their curiosity. "We must especially not take children for fools," said this former teacher who does not hesitate to address themes often reserved for adults such as health, war, pollution, intimidation, political refugees or child soldiers.

The 72 books of Éditions de l'Isatis are divided between the “Bonjour Histoire”, “Korrigan”, “Argo”, “Tourne-Pierre” and “Ombilic” collections, which are all aimed at more or less children. aged. They bring together tales and legends from different regions of the world, journeys through the human body, albums on social or environmental issues or even biographies of historical figures. The editor says special attention is paid to color or black-and-white illustrations, which she hopes will appeal to younger readers.

A pedagogical approach

A free educational sheet accompanies all the books in the collections. "It is expensive to produce, but I believe that the investment is really worth it", estimates Angèle Delaunois, herself the author of several titles. The educational sheets can be downloaded directly from the website. They include exercises, suggestions for debates, research and offer plastic arts, music or writing workshops to teachers.

A success that is exported

So far, 28 titles have been translated and are now available abroad, notably in Korea, Europe or Latin America. For example, the 18 titles of the “Ombilic” collection, written by Angèle Delaunois, are available in China.

The next titles in the “Bonjour Histoire” collection will address the life of Jacques-Cartier and Michel Sarrazin, the first surgeon of New France. The themes of bullying at school and best friends will also soon be discussed in the “Tourne-Pierre” collection.

From the creation of the publishing house in 2004, Angèle Delaunois wanted the works to be available on the Internet. "I didn't want to miss the boat, the internet seemed the way of the future." All titles are available in PDF format on the publishing house's website as well as on the Digital Warehouse.

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