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At School Success, the goal is to help students increase their results, their academic motivation and their self-esteem. The success lies in the collaboration between the young person, the tutor, the parents and the teachers.

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits member companies of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present School Success!

At School Success, the goal is to help students increase their results, their academic motivation and their self-esteem. The success lies in the collaboration between the young person, the tutor, the parents and the teachers.

“When I was in high school, I was bored at school. And like many young people, I wondered what would be the use of all these grammar rules or mathematical formulas ”, confides Benoit Archambault, president of School Success.

For this education and learning enthusiast, what mattered most when the tutoring company was created in 2006 was to find THE formula that would interest young people ... And he found it: tutors who are both pedagogical and dynamic.

Ensure the best tutor-tutored match

Since its creation, School Success has helped more than 25,000 young people to increase their grades, their academic motivation and their self-esteem. How? 'Or' What? Thanks to its innovative approach.

Each young person is unique and has their own challenges. This is why an advisor ensures the best tutor-tutored pairing possible, according to each student's specific needs and personality. Tutors, there are all profiles. A former dropout turned math pro. An Argentinian tango dancer, also graduated in teaching, passionate about languages. A Moroccan engineer for whom young people represent the future and who likes to share his knowledge. And it continues ...

No matter what the young person's need or difficulty is, a tutor can help. Homework help, remedial schooling, exam preparation, enrichment, student athlete, summer school ... whether in mathematics, French, English, science or history.

Location is not a problem, since several tutoring options are available: at home, at school, in one of the Success Scolaire learning centers (one in Montreal in the Côte-des-Neiges district and another in Longueuil) and even online.

Keys for the success of young people: communication and synergy

Benoît Archambault explains: “Communication is at the heart of the priorities of each tutor. The proof: from the start of his mandate, the latter communicates with the child's teacher (s) in order to learn more about his difficulties, but also about his attitude towards school. Thus, he will know whether he should focus on motivation, work methods, learning strategies, on a particular subject or concept… ”

Also, he believes that synergy is the secret to the success of young people. “Synergy between tutor and student. Synergy between the tutor and the parents. Synergy between the tutor and the educational staff (teacher, management, remedial teachers, special education technician, etc.). It is thanks to the collaboration of each one that the pupil will improve one step at a time and will sail from small successes to big successes. "

A complementary service in collaboration with teachers

“At School Success, we don't try to replace teachers,” says Benoît Archambault. We work in collaboration and in complementarity with them. We know very well that the context does not allow them to help each student individually. And that's what we exist for. We are there in the evening, on weekends and in the summer to offer the little extra that some people need to succeed and flourish at school. "

In closing, the School Success team would like to share this message: “Dear teachers, dear professionals in the world of education, we deeply wish that your profession is valued more. We also sincerely hope that education becomes a TRUE national priority. "

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