Activity sheets to start the conversation about protecting privacy with children

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, in collaboration with its provincial and territorial counterparts, has produced a new series of activity sheets for young Canadians.

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Gatineau, Aug. 27, 2019 / CNW / - The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, in collaboration with its provincial and territorial counterparts, has produced a new series of activity sheets for young Canadians. Visually appealing and easy to understand, they will help them understand a variety of privacy issues.

It is important that young people become citizens with good digital knowledge, who can enjoy the benefits of online activities. We need to equip young people with the knowledge they need to navigate the virtual world and participate in digital life while protecting their privacy.

As children use the Internet earlier than ever, parents and guardians should start talking to them about the digital world and online privacy protection much earlier than ever before.

  • Privacy Snakes and Ladders is a reinterpreted version of the classic kids game that helps players learn how to make smart privacy choices by climbing a ladder when they make a good decision or sliding over a snake because they shared a word password with a friend, for example.
  • Point to point allows children to complete a picture of a family with a list of rules they can use at home to protect their privacy online.
  • Learn how to create a password / tablet illustration challenges kids to create their own quality eight character password by filling in the blanks. They should also draw a padlock on a tablet, representing how the password protects an electronic device.
  • Hidden word introduces children to privacy vocabulary by asking them to go through a puzzle to find words such as "post", "click" and "fingerprint".

To download the activity sheets or for more activities and information, visit Hard copies can be obtained by sending an email to

SOURCE Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

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