4 children's books to win

Scholastic editions offer Infobourg readers the chance to win one of the following 4 children's books: “What funny teeth! "," Desmond's courage "," Head lice "and" Martin is angry ".

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Scholastic editions offer Infobourg readers the chance to win one of the following 4 children's books: “What funny teeth! "," Desmond's courage "," Head lice "and" Martin is angry ".

Scholastic Editions present their novelties for 2014 by offering 4 particularly charming readings for young people!

What funny teeth!
4 to 8 years
If you could have animal teeth, which would you choose?

Thanks to this book, children will live funny adventures and find out what would happen to them if their teeth were replaced by those of animals. Featuring a dozen animals, this book explains why teeth are ideal for their needs.

Desmond's courage
Starting from 7 years old.
This story is inspired by Desmond Tutu's experience as a child in South Africa and reveals the power of words and the secret of forgiveness. When Desmond gets on his new bicycle for a ride, his joy and pride turns to anger when boys shout a very nasty word at him. Desmond thinks only of that. " I will take revenge! He says. But revenge doesn't relieve Desmond for long. Thanks to Father Trevor's good advice, he will eventually find out what can appease him.

Using beautiful illustrations by AG Ford, this touching story evokes wisdom and teaches young readers how to respond to bullying. Also ideal as part of Black History Month, celebrated in February each year.

Head lice
3 to 7 years
Is something itching? Oh no!

David Shannon's humor makes the war on lice fun. This story will make young and old laugh and be itchy for sure! Opening the book to a huge louse dragging its suitcases, the reader guesses that the lice are determined to stay. Their magnification is commensurate with the inconvenience they cause their guests to experience: itching, worries, shame, humiliation, denial, insomnia, terror… The whole thing ends with a glorious goodbye to these critters after a long fierce fight. Once again, David Shannon offers a hilarious story to be read aloud and endlessly.

Martin is angry - PRIMEUR!
3 to 6 years
The morning is perfect until Molly eats the apple Martin spotted. He gets angry and a terrible anger seizes him, causing chaos across the countryside. Who will be able to calm Martin down? Will he need help?



The draw will take place on February 18, 2014 among valid entries. Contest closed!
Congratulations to the winners!
- Kathia Bissonnette, Childcare Center l'Envolée in Beauport, wins her choice: Head lice (3 to 7 years old)
- Cathy Charrois, Le Prélude à Rouyn-Noranda, wins her choice: Le courage de Desmond (from 7 years old)
- Ginette Bourgeois, Library of the Saint-Rémi Catholic Elementary School in Ottawa, wins her choice: Martin is angry (3 to 6 years old)
- Patricia Guay, from Laval, wins her choice: What funny teeth! (4 to 8 years old)

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