20,000 young people from EVB-CSQ observe a minute of silence for the Earth

More than 20,000 young Quebecers from the Brundtland Green Establishments will observe a minute of silence on Monday, November 30, 2015, at 10 am as our world leaders gather in Paris, France, to decide the future of our planet.

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MONTREAL, Nov. 29, 2015 / CNW Telbec / - More than 20,000 young Quebecers from Brundtland Green Establishments will observe a minute of silence on Monday, November 30, 2015 at 10 a.m. as our world leaders gather in Paris, France. France, to decide the future of our planet.

While thousands of young people in Quebec will take time out, all delegates and participants in the conference of the parties to the 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) will do the same. Indeed, they are invited to observe, together, a minute of reflection for the Earth, at the beginning of the plenary session, to reflect on the important and urgent reasons for the climate talks and to reflect on the positive outcome of the negotiations.

Since public gatherings will not be allowed during this conference, the young people of EVB-CSQ want to remind the population that they still have the freedom to connect in thought to the delegation and to influence the decisions and commitments of its members. members. We are stronger than we think; united we are stronger than we can imagine. On November 30 at 10 am, let's unite to observe “One Minute for Earth”. Let us close our eyes as we reflect on our aspirations for a healthy, peaceful and equitable world, while breathing in and out consciously.

Planetary vigil

The population is also invited to participate in the planetary vigil that will be held for the duration of these crucial negotiations (from November 30 to December 12). Everyone can participate in “One Minute for Earth” by observing one minute of reflection at 10 am (local time), throughout the duration of the meeting. This means that at this same hour, in each of the 24 time zones, the energy and intentions of thousands of people will converge, united in thought for the peace and health of our planet. By joining this minute of planetary recollection in full consciousness, you are helping to change the world.

Don't forget to like and share the organization's Facebook page www.facebook.com/1minute4earth /? Pnref = story in order to count our voices to obtain the desired range. You can also write to the following address: oneminuteforearth@outlook.com and on Twitter, at #1Minute4Earth.

About the EVB-CSQ movement

Initiated in Quebec in 1993 by the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ), in collaboration with partners, including RECYC-QUÉBEC, the EVB-CSQ network now has more than 1,400 establishments registered since its creation. An EVB-CSQ is an establishment where we think globally and where we act locally to promote a viable future. That is to say, a place where concrete and continuous actions are taken that can contribute to the construction of an ecological, peaceful, united and democratic world. It is an establishment that values the commitment of young people and adults by making it known and recognized socially. It is an establishment which is open to the community and to the world and which displays, with pride, its achievements and actions, however small they may be!


SOURCE Brundtland Green Establishments (EVB-CSQ)

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