On December 8, 1980 on his way home, John Lennon, former member of The Beatles and iconic singer of an entire generation, was shot at point blank range by a "fan".

“In the fall of 1980, after a luster of retirement, the ex-Beatle returned to music. And fall under the bullets of an unbalanced fan. The assassination of the musician raises a wave of planetary emotion proportional to the madness of Beatlemania fifteen years earlier. "

Source: Time, August 4, 2014

“John Lennon was 40 years old. We do not understand this assassination and besides who is this Mark David Chapman, this young Texan a little puffy? 25 years old, he is not really part of the Beatles generation. However, he is a fan of the group beyond reason to the point that with him it turns to obsession. And then, in his boundless admiration for Lennon, in particular, there is a “but…”, a stain. An idol cannot, according to him, afford the slightest deviation. […] How did Lennon change the world? It is full of money but it is not the poor who benefit from it. "

Source: France Culture, November 30, 2010

The following activities will allow students to learn about the musical group The Beatles and the circumstances of John Lennon's death.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Know the circumstances surrounding the death of John Lennon;
- Know the major stages in the life of John Lennon;
- Know the great achievements of The Beatles group;
- Understand the reactions following the death of John Lennon.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: The Death of John Lennon

As a team, invite the students to complete this the activity in connection with the death of John Lennon. To answer the questions, students can read this item.

ACTIVITY 2: Reactions to Lennon's death

As a group, watch this video and answer the questions.

The entire video can be viewed, but it is also possible to skip the section from 4:57 to 7:56 (the part reminiscent of John Lennon's musical career).

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Download the response file (.PDF)

ACTIVITY 3: The Beatles' Hits

As a whole class, ask the students to identify the different albums of The Beatles, the year they were released, and 2 famous songs.

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ICT Tip: Students can do a reverse search using the cover image in the Google search bar.

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