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Launch of the 2011 Anglophone Excellence Awards from the Youth Media Alliance!

Montreal - The Youth Media Alliance (AMJ) announces today the launch of its 2011 Anglophone Excellence Awards. For more than 35 years, the AMJ has recognized the importance of offering television programs and interactive content from quality to Canadian children.

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Montreal - The Alliance Médias Jeunesse (AMJ) today announced the launch of its 2011 Anglophone Awards of Excellence. For more than 35 years, the AMJ has recognized the importance of offering television programs and interactive content from quality to Canadian children. At its annual gala, WAN presents its Awards of Excellence for outstanding achievements that have made Canada a leader in the production and delivery of on-screen content for young audiences.

The competition is open to all Canadian youth productions broadcast or posted online in their original English version, in Canada, between 1er January 2009 and December 31, 2010. Applications must be submitted by Monday February 21, 2011 at 5 pm at the latest.

This year, a total of fifteen awards will be presented, including a grand prize for the most outstanding television production of the past two years and the prestigious emerging talent and awards honoring an entire career dedicated to excellence.

The television juries will evaluate the quality of the programs submitted with reference to these different facets of the production which are, in particular, the concept, the text, the realization and the direction of actors, the artistic direction, the research, the technique, the interpretation, audience targeting, music and interactivity. The interactive content juries will also assess some of these production sectors, but will also focus on the fluidity of navigation, design, security and efficiency of content as well as on innovation in the use of different technologies.

The Youth Media Alliance (YMA) works to enrich the lives of Canadian children and youth by helping to improve the content for them on all screens. The association pursues its mission of promoting the highest quality content by annually rewarding the best achievements of English-speaking and French-speaking Canadian youth as part of its Awards of Excellence. The Alliance offers continuing professional training opportunities tailored to the specific needs of youth production workers through workshops, seminars and special events such as Média-Jeunes and Children, Youth & Media conferences. The Alliance is also undertaking research to better understand the impact of media on young people. Finally, the Alliance Médias Jeunesse intervenes with governments and seeks to arouse interest in issues relating to screen production intended for young Canadians.

For details of the regulations and registration procedures, go to www.ymamj.org, or call Sylvie Lamy, coordinator, special events at 514.597.6809.

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