Frédéric Back, the man who planted trees

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Quebec filmmaker and environmentalist Frédéric Back, master of animated film, died in December 2013. Who was this man and what did he achieve? What were his values, his passions, his mission?

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“Artist, illustrator and filmmaker Frédéric Back, creator of the animated film The Man Who Planted Trees, died [December 24, 2013] at the age of 89. "
"He is known around the world and has left a great impact both in animation and for his message on the environment," said to La Presse Phil Comeau director of the documentary Frédéric Back: Grandeur nature. He was already recycling in the 60s, he spoke of global warming… he was a precursor. "
Source: La Presse, December 24, 2013


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Recognize the work of this remarkable man;
- Develop your environmental awareness;
- Share his love and respect for nature;
- Understand the challenges of sustainable development;
- Become aware of the importance of peace.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: The life of Frédéric Back

Frédéric's work was nourished by everything he lived: tenderness for animals, the stupidity of war, the taste for adventure, travel, and this will, always so strong, to want to change things to leave, if possible, after him, a more beautiful world, richer in promise.
Offer these few topical articles to the students and ask them to choose significant periods in Frédéric Back's life to make a timeline:
Illustrator and filmmaker Frédéric Back has passed away
Radio-Canada, December 24, 2013
Frédéric Back: Remembering the man and the artist
See Montreal, December 30, 2013
They will then be able to use this online tool and reconstruct the milestones of his life.
Finally, choose a theme, among the seven that are offered on this page, and have students use them in teams of three or four. They will then be able to illustrate and present this stage in Frédéric Back's life in the school newspaper, publish on the portal or class blog, make it an exhibition, etc.

ACTIVITY 2: The work of Frédéric Back

Invite the students to discover the work of Frédéric Back. Ask them the following questions:
- What were the most famous productions of man? (the man who planted trees, for example!)
- What were his favorite themes?
In addition, students could be invited to write a poem inspired by the life and / or work of Back.
If you have time, why not see the Oscar-winning animated film "The Man Who Planted Trees" as a group.

For further

You know the application Go Animate?
It is one of the best cartoon creation technologies that is very easy to use.
Now that your students know Frédéric Back better, they can use this application to create an animation that will inform people about…
- the passions of Frédéric Back,
- of his works,
- the message he leaves as a legacy
They will be able to pay tribute to him!

More about the magazine

The life of Frédérick Back
The life of man through different themes that are told to the students.
Tribute to Frédéric Back
April 5, 2014, at the Maison symphonique de Montréal
A ceremony in honor of this great artist and humanist will take place on April 5 at the Maison symphonique de Montréal. The general public will be invited to participate in this event. This ceremony will be preceded by an exhibition of his outstanding works, in the hall of honor of the town hall. Citizens will be able to leave a testimony in a collection provided for this purpose.

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