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Looking for classroom science activities to educate students about responsible water use?

Are you looking for scientific activities to do in class to raise awareness about the responsible use of water? The C.I.EAU, with the Fantastik'eau! kit, offers you a wide range of activities. This pedagogical tool available online is offered free of charge to Quebec elementary schools. [🤝 Sponsored report]
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Are you looking for science activities to do in the classroom to educate students about responsible water use? The C.I.EAU offers you a wide range of activities with the Fantastik'eau! kit. This educational tool is available free online for all elementary schools in Quebec. 

Fantastik'eau! with the slogan I love water, I take care of it! includes classroom and homework activities for all elementary grades. The complete tool includes eight techno-scientific missions presented with humorous capsules. The vignettes animated by Jérémie Larouche are available on the SQUAT platform of Télé-Québec. They are a perfect accompaniment to the kit to help guide the activities. 

Mission 5 : Water leakage

Schools were provided with teaching guides to carry out the two main missions of the kit with the band Fantastik'eau!. The students will learn with funny scenarios presented by the funny characters of Fantastik'eau! Multiple examples and scientific principles will be explained and demonstrated with the misadventures of Gaspilleau and Vasimoleau. 

This toolkit provides teachers with multiple opportunities to introduce their students to the concepts of water conservation, water treatment, the water cycle and the various behaviours they can adopt towards the resource.

In addition to learning a great deal about the water resource, the kit is part of the Quebec school curriculum (PFEQ) with notions related to science and technology as well as mathematics. 

By using Fantastik'eau! Students will be encouraged to develop a scientific method with investigations, quizzes, science challenges and more! Interactive whiteboards accompany some of the assignments in the kit.

The water cycle will be considerably affected by climate change. Fantastik'eau! will help students and teachers understand the importance of water to better protect the resource and reduce their consumption. The bilingual kit conveys tips and notions on water to reinforce a crucial awareness among students and help them act for the resource in order to develop their civic responsibility in the school environment.

The kit is made available through the financial support of the Ministère des Affaires municipales du Québec. 

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