10 conditions for successful integration of tablets in the classroom

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A (big!) Step towards a change of practice
A joint file from Infobourg and Carrefour education

After the arrival of TNI, tablets are arriving in the classroom. And the craze is unprecedented. In the spring of 2014, for example, the school principals of the Commission scolaire des Affluents chose to order as many tablets as interactive digital boards. It is surprising that such recent technology makes such a massive integration into the classroom.

In fact, from preschool to secondary school, teachers and students learn to integrate them into their educational projects, periodically or daily. We are talking about educational integration, because familiarization with the technical aspects of the tablet requires only a little handling time.

What are the winning conditions for a successful integration of tablets in the classroom? This is what a dozen pedagogical advisers in ICT integration or RECIT resource people will share with you, who support teachers in the pedagogical appropriation of this tool.


In this file…

Classroom management
1. Have the courage to change your classroom management
2. Work in workshops
3. Do otherwise

The educational project
4. Appropriate the tablet… before the start of the educational project
5. Target your educational intentions
6. Opt for creative apps
7. Simplify educational projects… and focus on content

Skills development in students
8. Plan student actions
9. Empower students
10. Develop skills… which will be useful to them all their lives

Conclusion of the case
Useful Resources

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