Attacks in Canada

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Tragic events have claimed the lives of two Canadian servicemen in recent days. Let's see what happened and how the media dealt with these attacks.
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The Ottawa bombing, which took place last Wednesday, claimed the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. A man of extremist beliefs shot dead a soldier in uniform who stood on a symbolic guard in front of the cenotaph, this war memorial, near the parliament, before entering inside it where a gunfight broke out.
The day before, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent lost his life after being struck by a man who wanted to go abroad to fight alongside the jihadists.
The following activities will provide an opportunity to discuss the tragic events of this week as well as the issues raised by them.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Know the sequence of events of October 22, 2014 in Ottawa;
- Discuss the situation experienced by several people in Ottawa;
- Understand the various decisions taken following the shooting in parliament;
- Note that the Ottawa attack was covered the world over;
- Think about ways to get information today;
- Identify the sources of information he consulted to learn about the Ottawa attack;
- Comment on the headlines and images used by different media to cover the news;
- Read a column that exposes many questions following the recent tragedies that have occurred in the country;
- Write an opinion piece on a question raised by columnist Patrick Lagacé.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Ottawa bombing

As a whole class, review the sequence of recent events in Ottawa. On a timeline, place various elements of the course of the day of October 22 in the nation's capital. Use Google maps in order to locate the places in Ottawa affected by the events.
Then discuss the events. Ask the following questions to facilitate the discussion:
- What English term was used to designate the confinement of people in different buildings?
- Why were many people confined for several hours in their building?
- Why did the daycare services stay open longer?
- Where was Prime Minister Stephen Harper within minutes of the shooting in parliament?
- Why do we say that the attack could have claimed many more victims?
- Who is Kevin Vickers? What is his function in parliament?
- Why is the security of Parliament Hill in question?
- What were the impacts of the attack on soldiers across Canada?

ACTIVITY 2: Media coverage

The Ottawa bombing has been reported around the world. Invite students to visit the following link to see the magnitude of the news.
Ottawa bombing: newspapers around the world are talking about it
NRJ news, October 23, 2014
Then discuss the media coverage of the attack with the students. Through which medium (s) did the pupils observe the events? During the afternoon of October 22, did the students see footage of the shooting in parliament? If so, how did they view these images? Is it through their cell phone? Or even in the classroom thanks to the Internet? Tell students that a few years ago, students who were in school could not have access to online information so easily.
What media sources were the students consulted for information throughout the day? Are there elements reported by certain media that displeased the students?
Finally, return to the article presenting the media coverage of the attack in various newspapers around the world used at the start of the activity. Ask students to comment on the headlines and images used to cover the news in the various newspapers.

ACTIVITY 3: How to react to the terrorist threat?

The two attacks that took place this week raise many questions concerning security, Canada's role in the war in Syria and Iraq, the radicalization of certain Muslims, etc.
Invite students to read Patrick Lagacé's column on this subject:
The era of lone wolves, a few questions
La Presse, October 23, 2014
Have students choose one of the topics the columnist discusses and write an opinion piece to answer the questions raised.
Finally, ask the students who have worked on the same topic to come together, share their text with each other and, finally, discuss their opinions.

For further

Complete the SCOOP sheet! concerning the terrorist group Islamic State.

More about the magazine

Terror in parliament
Le Nouvelliste, October 23, 2014
How big is the terrorist threat in Canada?
Radio-Canada, October 23, 2014
Extended supervisory powers to be expected
La Presse, October 23, 2014

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