Call for papers for the journal “Pédagogie collégiale”: How do we learn?

The journal is inviting people interested in participating in writing articles for a thematic dossier to be published in summer 2016 on the theme "How do we learn?" ".

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For a thematic dossier to be published in summer 2016, Collegiate pedagogy wishes to continue its exploration, begun in the first issue of its volume 29, of questions of relations to knowledge and of the construction of knowledge. The journal team therefore seeks articles that will allow the sharing of ideas and experiences or that will provoke reflection on the learning process, the means fostering sustainable learning and the capacity that one has. a lifelong learning.

The articles making up this dossier must relate to research or to practices likely to inspire the entire college network. They will be able to describe these or deal with issues linked to the different facets of learning. Below is a list of suggested topics. The articles received may relate to one or more of them or to any other subject considered relevant in the context.


Suggested topics for this issue:

  • What scientific knowledge and what research evidence (work on brain function and memory, in particular) can we draw on to promote learning in students while avoiding neuromyths?
  • What role do emotions play in learning processes?
  • How do we respond to the different learning preferences that our students have?
  • How do you use error to teach and to help students learn?
  • How to deconstruct the preconceptions that block certain learning?
  • What means can we use, inside and outside the classroom, to encourage our students, to stimulate their interest and to motivate them to learn in a sustainable way?
  • How does the authentic situation promote learning?
  • How can we structure learning in a professional situation (internship, clinic-school, educational training company, etc.)?
  • How to consider the non-linear trajectory of students with different paths in order to promote learning in them?
  • What andragogical principles should be observed when teaching adults?
  • How to encourage students to learn throughout life, that is to say to educate themselves even if they have already obtained a diploma, and how to promote in them this capacity?



Does this theme appeal to you? Submit an article to the editorial board of Collegiate pedagogy. We invite you to consult the AQPC website [] to learn more about the journal's publishing standards and to get tips on how to complete your article project. The texts must be sent by email to the editor-in-chief of the journal [] no later than Friday January 15, 2016.

The Editorial Board looks forward to hearing from you!

Stephanie Carle
Editor-in-chief of Collegiate pedagogy

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