An issue about entrepreneurship

(V3-3) Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in School

Volume 3, issue 3 - Spring 2024

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This issue may challenge your vision of entrepreneurship and inspire you to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in your classroom or school, to the delight of your students!

We asked experts for a definition of enterprise education. Here's what Sophie Jalbert and Matthias Pepin, from Université Laval's Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur le développement de l'esprit d'entreprendre et de l'entrepreneuriat, and authors in this issue, have to say.

Enterprise education is:

  • A pedagogical approach that encourages initiative and aims to turn ideas into action. It involves developing skills (such as organization, creativity and reflexivity) and attitudes (including self-confidence, team spirit and tolerance of ambiguity) that are useful in a variety of life situations.
  • It applies to all school subjects and shapes the whole student. To achieve this, it relies on a variety of pedagogical practices, including action-oriented projects, which enable teachers to adapt to the diversity of students, creating success for all.
  • It provides a meaningful context for understanding the relevance of school learning in the real world. This enables memorable projects, active learning and, ultimately, impactful experiences that can light a spark in students' lives.

  • This issue explores the many facets of enterprise education. We've invited experts in this field to share their knowledge, inspirational examples and best practices. We hope that the content will guide you in implementing concrete and engaging projects for your students. These entrepreneurial projects are characterized by their ability to inspire perseverance, motivation, and pride among students and adults alike!

    In a constantly changing world, enterprise education has become an asset. The goal is not to turn young people into entrepreneurs, but rather to help them develop skills such as creativity, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. These skills are essential for thriving in the 21st century. As a result, they will become more aware of the world around them, and better prepared to actively engage in the social, environmental and economic challenges of today and tomorrow.

    Martine Rioux, Chief-Editor

    Audrey Miller, Publisher

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    April 2024 – Volume 3, issue 3

    Lauren Assi, Luc K. Audebrand, David Corbin, France Gauthier, Corinne Germain, Lisa Jacobsen, Sophie Jalbert, Lisa Marcoux, Robert Martellacci, Audrey Miller, Matt Miller, Matthias Pepin, Jean-Sébastien Reid, Martine Rioux, Maripier Tremblay

    Audrey Miller

    Martine Rioux

    Editorial Assistant
    Karla Mora

    Development Director
    Stéphanie Dionne

    Nicole Arsenault, Tracey-Lee Batsford

    Additional Proofreading
    Nicole Arsenault, Audrey Miller, Karla Mora, Martine Rioux

    Graphic Design
    Marie-Michèle Bouchard-Roussin
    Kate-Lyn Lapointe (EMBLÈME Communication)



    Legal Deposit 2nd trimester 2024
    Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
    Library and Archives Canada
    ISSN 2564-2510 (Print)
    ISSN 2564-2529 (Online)

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    In this issue - Spring 2024

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      The Responsible Entrepreneurial Project Canvas: A Resource for School Staff and Students

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    The Responsible Entrepreneurial Project Canvas

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      Exploring an Innovative and Effective Approach to Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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      Video Games as Learning Adventures

    Discover the immersive “Le retour du hibou maléfique” project at La Tuque High School, where students create a video game and epic story in French as a second language class. Embrace creativity and engaging learning experiences beyond traditional boundaries.

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      Empowering the Next Generation High School

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      Girls at the Crossroads of Coding and Entrepreneurship

    Discover how Technovation Montréal prepares girls for the future by introducing them to programming and entrepreneurship, while stimulating their creativity and resilience.

      The Buzzing Success of a Kindergarten Beehive

    Explore the industrious beehive project at École Bilingue Notre Dame de Sion. A multidisciplinary entrepreneurial endeavor teaching students about bees, environment, and entrepreneurship. Discover how this project fosters innovation and curiosity.

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      Additional References – EngagED Learning magazine, Vol. 3 issue 3 (Spring 2024)

    This article contains all the references of EngagED Learning Magazine, Volume 3 issue 3, Spring 2024

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